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Google Login Blocked, New Solution to bypass and login to gmail as usual.
Update 22/08/2021: 
New easy method:
1) Open default Chrome
2) Do your logins on all sites that are blocked on the bots browser (Google / SoundCloud)
3) Copy the folder 'User data' in from the following location: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome to the Client folder of the bot where you want to use these logins (e.g. files/Client_1 if you want to use them on Client 1)
4) Rename the folder to ChromeData (if there is already a folder like that, rename that folder to ChromeData_)
5) Start the bot, your accounts should still be logged in on the client where you copied the folder to

Update 05/06/2021: If below solution doesn't work, try creating a new account on the browser of the bot (this way you will automatically be logged in once the account is created)


Hi there, Another patch has just been performed by google, result? 

login is blocked by google. but don't worry, we just found a new way to bypass this patch. 

You can read down below how to bypass the new Patch.


The first thing we gonna do is opening gmail.com in a normal Chrome browser,

and performing the login to your gmail account.

The second thing we gonna do is enabling the option "Less secure app access" 

Please visit: Click here..

● The third thing we gonna do is after you anabled the Less secure app access option, 

we going to the bot browser, and visit gmail.com and performing the login as usual.

Why I should enable this option?

Because Google is now detecting and blocking any gmail login trough our bot browser.

(This is the only way if you want to keep using gmail products in our services.)


Please note: This is a new work Around and it may be blocked in some countries by google, 

if you facing any issues you could try to do the following: 

● The first thing we gonna do is download and install Proton VPN, 

● The second thing we gonna do is Selecting a other country then yours and connect.

● The third thing we gonna try is login to your gmail account trough the bot browser, now your connected to a other location with the VPN (Make sure you have enabled Less Secure App access in that account. 

(If that doesn’t work try to do the following.)

(Make sure your still connected to a other location with the vpn for the solution explained down below)

● Open a normal chrome browser in incognito mode.

● Create a new gmail account, and turn on Less Secure app access in that account.

● The next thing is opening the bot browser and try to login to your gmail account trough the official google login page.

Let us know if you still facing issue After. Goodluck!

And thats it folks. 

happy botting!

still not working for me
(02-18-2021, 04:18 AM)bikerdude Wrote: still not working for me

Did you try all the steps?
not working.
(02-22-2021, 12:51 PM)jordanzyzz97 Wrote: not working.

Same for you did you try all the steps?
i tried all the steps you mentioned but no success. The only thing i got my account disabled
(02-22-2021, 11:08 PM)gmax16 Wrote: i tried all the steps you mentioned but no success. The only thing i got my account disabled
Hmm strange issue, I can check this one more time this evening. This is a new work around so it could be blocked in some country's
Your method works, but I needed to create a new Google account with a new phone number.
not working for me :/
(03-08-2021, 09:22 PM)hamza12235 Wrote: not working for me :/

I doubt that you follow all the steps there are more ways explained in this post. It had to work if you follow the steps carefully.

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