Comment Bot

Post comments on other peoples posts & videos to attract real followers & subscribers!

Comment Bot


3 Supported Services

✔ YouTube ✔ Instagram ✔ Twitter ✔ Pinterest

Account Change Tasks

Want to promote multiple accounts at once? No problem! Account Change tasks allow you to change which account is being promoted.

Optional Like & Sub

The bot can be configured to like and / or subscribe to the channel after (or before) posting the comment.

Google Chrome Usage

A lightweight version of Google Chrome is controlled by the bot to post comment on Social Media Sites. This makes sure that your accounts are safe and look more human-like.

Advanced Configuration

Comments and keywords can be configured for each type of Social Media Site. Comments can be posted based on keyword relevance, post time and much more!

Demo video

The bot in action

Posting comments is one of the best ways to interact with other channels and pages. Don't waste time that you could be spending on creating awesome content, but let our bot do the commenting for you! Configure the bot, turn it on and see your amount of followers / subscribers grow. Check out the video to see the bot in action!

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Awesome Features

Spintax Support

The bot supports the use of Spintax, making it very easy to quickly create randomized comments.

Anti-Ban Features

Your accounts are safe, as all actions include certain amount of (configurable) randomization. Want to be even more safe? Why not use a proxy, also supported by the bot!

Bot Customization

You can create a custom list of keywords & comments and loads of randomization options are available.


Detailed Statistics

Detailed statistics about the posted comments are available in the bot so you can find out where the bot posted which comment.

Premium Customer Support

Customer support is mainly provided through our forums. Our Moderators speak English, Dutch (Bollejef & DenDannie), Portuguese (Fla) and Arabic (Medical Guy).

Frequent Updates

Updates happen usually bi-weekly, with the exception of emergency fixes that are usually pushed within a day if a major problem is detected.

How does it work?

By posting comments on Social Media Sites, you increase your own channels exposure. Other people may see the comments, check out your channel and even subscribe! The bot automates the posting of comments, so the only thing you have to do is setup the bot, input some keywords & comments and click start!


$0 /mo


  • 5 Tasks / day
  • Settings for anti-ban
  • Advanced task configuration
  • Basic features & tasks
  • Comment & Keyword configuration
  • Basic Support

$4 /mo


  • Unlimited Comments
  • Spintax Support
  • Chrome Extensions Enabled
  • 'Account Change' tasks
  • Clear Chrome Data task
  • Ad-Free!

Get your free trial

The free trial of the bot is limited to posting 5 comments each day and contains less features than the full version. It is however a good way to try out our product and see its amazing features!