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Hi there, Another patch has just been performed by google, result? 
login is blocked by google. but don't worry, we just found a new way to bypass this patch. 

You can read down below how to bypass the new Patch.


The first thing we gonna do is opening gmail.com in a normal Chrome browser,
and performing the login to your gmail account.

The second thing we gonna do is enabling the option "Less secure app access
Please visit: Click here..

● The third thing we gonna do is after you anabled the Less secure app access option, 
we going to the bot browser, and visit gmail.com and performing the login as usual.

Why I should enable this option?
Because Google is now detecting and blocking any gmail login trough our bot browser.
(This is the only way if you want to keep using gmail products in our services.)

And thats it folks. 

happy botting!

in addmefast the bot do not like the page and close. no point is collected.
also in  youtube subs only some points are collected.

hello, a question can you add 2 accounts of the same exchange without getting banned?

example client 1 (addfast) client 2 (second addfast account)


Hi guys, can any administrator or hero without a cape give me an idea or solution to avoid getting banned from Addmefast?
2 accounts have already been banned

I am using 4 tasks
youtube likes
youtube views
youtube subscribe

10 minute each task and repeats
the bot works 1 full day and rests 1 hour

Can someone who has not been banned give his setup? Thanks a lot!

Hi Team,

I would like to know if Tiktok Follow and Likes Tasks can be added to like4like in socialmedia Bot.


It would be very nice to add paypal or atleast creditcard payment as an option in order to buy the bot.

Stability: BETA

- Can't detect the actual points
- YouTube tasks except for views need to have the 'Delay before closing window' customized to 22000-25000 ms (to do so, select the task and click 'Custom')

Available Tasks:
- Instagram Follows
- Instagram Likes
- Vk Follows
- Vk Likes
- Vk Friends
- YouTube Likes
- YouTube Dislikes
- YouTube Subscribes
- YouTube Views

Free YTMonster.ru Bot 2020
Free YTM.ru Bot 2020

For some reason I am not getting any points from YTMonster. I know they updated their system and stuff and now it requires you to wait a certain amount of time before you close the page while liking videos. Which I adjusted in the settings and it works fine. But the problem i'm having is not getting any points even with the correct amount of time before the page closes. I'm assuming its because the youtube video doesn't automatically play when the page opens but I am not sure. If you can get back to me thanks!

Sometimes the bot blocks my like4like accounts for thousands of minutes. Any suggestion / solution?

It would be nice if the program has to choose languages, I speak Spanish and I don't understand some functions.

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