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For me...

Social Media Bot
I use the Social Media Bot to get Likes on my Facebook ads for whatever product I'm advertising. It helps a lot when they see your product and it has 1,000 likes.

Comment Poster Bot
I'm still waiting on my login credentials, but I'm gonna use the Comment Poster Bot to post comments on Instagram #follow4follow posts, advertising my (brand new) social media exchange site in kind of a discreet way. I usually post 3 comments, then change to another account, post 3 comments, etc.

We are pleased to announce that version 5 of the Social Media Bot is finally ready for release! (available from 02/06/2020)

This release requires a full redownload of the bot. If you want to port over your settings, please check this post: https://dimensionbots.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=70

A guide for all settings in version 5 can be found here: https://dimensionbots.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=71

This release adds the following improvements to the bot:
- New UI style, similar to the Comment Bot
- Code optimisations to improve memory consumption (as all clients are now on the same JVM this should decrease the memory usage by about 200Mb per client)
- Attaching of the logged in account on exchange sites (for example on AddMeFast Twitter Follows)
- Indicators on which browser belongs to which client when stopping the bot
- Improved 'Auto Start' capabilities
- The option to disable accounts in the 'Accounts' tab
- Most Warnings / Errors / Info popups can now be turned off
- Cookies can now be auto-deleted when a client is closed
-->Check the patch notes for all changes

Special thanks to DenDannie for all the help testing, designing, etc..  Cool

Note: while we have extensively tested the new version ourselves, it is still possible that we missed any bugs. If you find any, please report them here: https://dimensionbots.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=8 (using the appropriate template)

[Image: Client-Management.png]
Client Management
Here you can open clients. Ultra has 10 available clients, Pro has 2 and free has 1.

[Image: Global-Settings.png]
Global Settings
1. Enable / Disable if the bot should automatically start all clients that are properly configured (= at least opened once).
2. Enable / Disable if the bot should start with Windows (turning this on will create a registry key for the current user)
3. Enable / Disable sounds for when a task completes, the bot stops or an error occurs (default sound is disabled)
4. Enable / Disable popup notifications / warning / errors. It is recommended to leave this option turned on, unless you are running the bot unsupervised on VPS or similar.
5. Opens the update log, so you can see what has been changed in the latest updates.

[Image: Overview.png]
1. Contains the status of the bot and the current task that is running
2. Press the start button to start the task list
3. Press the stop button to stop the bot when it is running
4. Press the pause button to pause the bot when it is running
5. Press the skip button to skip the task that is currently running and to go to the next task
6. Logs all events of the bot

[Image: Account-Management.png]
Account Management
1. Select the service for which to save the username & password
2. & 3. Fill in the username & pass
4. Set the account as enabled or disabled (disabled accounts will not be used to login)
5. Pressing save will save the account to the list (will override existing if the service and username are the same)
6. The list of currently saved accounts
7. Select an account in the list and click this button to delete it
8. Deletes all the accounts in the list
9. Show the passwords in the accounts list or show them as ******
10. Save the list of accounts in a custom location
11. Load the list of accounts from a custom location

[Image: Task-Settings.png]
Task Settings
1. Select on which service you want to bot (AddMeFast, Like4Like, ..)
2. Select which task you want to bot (Facebook Likes, YouTube Subs, ..)
  - (Other) Break task: Pauses the bot for the set amount of minutes
  - All: Adds all possible tasks for the selected service for the given amount of minutes (the minutes can not be set to 0 for this)
3. Set the runtime for the task in minutes. Setting this to zero (0) will run the task for unlimited time.
4. Click this button to add the selected task to the list
5. Shows the current task list (note that tasks are drag-droppable)
6. Select a task in the task list and click this button to remove it (keybind: Delete)
7. Clears the complete task list
8. Saves your current task list as default so it will be automatically loaded next time you run the bot
9. Saves your current task list in a custom location
10. Load a task list from a custom location
11. Customize the settings of the selected task
12. Select a task in the task list and click the up/down buttons to move it up/down in the list (Keybinds: Shift+Up/Shift+Down)
13. Select a task in the task list and click the top/bottom buttons to move it to the top/bottom of the list (Keybinds: PgUp/PgDn)

[Image: Client-Settings.png]
Bot Settings
1. Indicates if the bot should automatically stop after a certain runtime in minutes
2. Indicates if the bot should automatically stop after gaining a certain amount of points
3. Indicates if the bot should repeat the task list, meaning when it reaches the end of the list, it will start again at the top.
4. Sets the amount of times the task may fail before it should be cancelled
5. Sets the minimum amount of points that a task should give, if the tasks gives lower points than that value 3 times in a row it will be cancelled
6. Indicates if a delay between tasks should be used (For example between each like)
7. Sets the delay that should be used before closing the window in milliseconds, after clicking like/sub/.. (If AMF/L4L/.. tells you that you are closing the window too fast, try to increase these values)
8. Sets the delay that should be used after closing the window (before checking how many points have been gained)
9. Indicates if the bot should delete all cookies when closing (use carefully as this means your accounts will all have to login again)
10. Indicates if a proxy should be used and which IP/Port/User/Pass to use for the proxy. (DO NOT use public proxies as this will get your accounts banned - User / Pass are currently not available until further notice)
10. Saves the current settings to be the default (and loaded on startup)

The following is a sample task list that you can download and load into the bot, it is meant to be used for short runs (= once a day):

Note: v5 will be released soon!

As the release of v5 has some major changes, not everything can be ported over between version 4 and 5. 

The following items can be ported from v4 to v5:
- Authentication file (your login info for the bot)
- Accounts saved on the bot
- Your ChromeData (cookies, logins, etc..)
- Tasks lists 

The following items can not be ported from v4 to v5:
- Settings

To port your authentication file, simply copy the auth.dat file in the files folder over and rename it to auth.af (see this link if you don't know how to change a file extension)

To port your Accounts, open a client on version 5, go to the 'Accounts' tab and click 'Load'. At the dropdown in the bottom right, select 'All files (*.*)' and browse to the location of version 4 of the bot. Inside the files folder, select the acc.dat file and click open. The accounts should be loaded into the window.

To port your ChromeData, simply copy the ChromeData folder from the files folder of version 4 to the files/Client_# folder of version 5 (note that this folder is just created when clicking Open Client at the respective client number)

To port your Task List, open a client on version 5, go to the 'Tasks' tab and click 'Load'. At the dropdown in the bottom right, select 'All files (*.*)' and browse to the location of version 4 of the bot. Inside the files folder, select the default.dat file (or the task list file that you want to port) and click open. The tasks should be loaded into the window. (click Save Default if you want this task list to be your default task list)

Fellow programmer and web designer here. I'm very impressed with SMB so far after 2 months.

It gets so many fresh updates which is a credit to the developer(s) and their hard work.

I'll be trying out the Comment Poster next, as soon as I build up good SEO\SER for my new social exchange site, Follows4Free.com. (We allow bots and hope that SMB will support us on the next big update!) 

OT: Why isn't my name yellow and classified as a Bot User? Can staff assign me to that group? Thanks!

  • Bot name (Social Media Bot or Comment Bot): SMB

  • Bot version: 4.1.0

  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Java version (SE, SDK, ..)8.251

  • Chrome Version: 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Are your accounts set to English?: Yes

  • Description of the bug: AddMeFast | Twitter Likes: New popup from Twitter which is breaking the bot. See attached screenshot.

[Image: QYqsQQj.png]

I love your work, so I'm highly interested! 

What I would love is an automatic forum poster like XRumer. (a $400 product!)

You could make some bank from that.

I'm experienced in .NET, so let me know if you ever want to collaborate on a project.

I love to code!

My dedicated proxy provider for 15 years is now issuing our proxies with user name and password protection.

How do we add these to SMB?

I am able to add them to Scrapebox by using the following syntax: ip:port:user:pass (eg:

If it isn't currently supported, can you please make that a high priority pull request? 

Thanks man! I love your work!

  • Bot name (Social Media Bot or Comment Bot): SMB
  • Bot version: 4.1.0
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Java version (SE, SDK, ..): 8.251

  • Chrome Version: 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Are your accounts set to English?: Yes

  • Description of the bug: AddMeFast | Pinterest Repins: Not working due to URL and name change. They changed it to "Pinterest Save". New URL: https://addmefast.com/free_points/pinterest_save
  [Image: 5ZkoZ1R.png]  [Image: cIJ2ScT.png]

We allow bots. I even advertise your bot on our site. We plan on spending about $300/mo on advertising on Google, Instagram & Facebook, so we should be climbing the ranks soon. https://follows4free.com

[Image: rKO6CoF.png]

[Image: D844ti0.png]