Forum Rules

  1. Rule number zero - the most important one: anything you download from the internet, may it be from a link on our forum or anything else, should be ran on a virtual machine, sandbox or similar only!
  2. Have respect for all other people on the forum. Think before you post!
  3. Look around on the forum before posting a new topic, making sure you are posting in the correct section.
  4. If you find a post offensive, spammy or similar, use the report button to report the post.
  5. Advertising on the forum is not allowed unless you have permission from one of our admins.
  6. Creating useless threads or posts, only to increase your post count will lead to a warning / ban.
  7. Posting any kind of fraudulent activity is strictly forbidden.
  8. Posts should be written in a clean manner. You should not use all caps or huge font-types.
  9. All posts should be written in English only, if your English is not good, use Google translate.
  10. Any type of nudity or pornographic content is not allowed and may lead to a warning / ban.
  11. Posting monitization links (i.e adfly and similar) will result in an instant permanent ban.
  12. Replies to a thread with locked content should not be spammy (e.g dhshgdkjg).
  13. Users should just have one account, having multiple accounts will result in all accounts being suspended.
  14. When giving reputation to other users, a valid reason should be specified. Abuse of the reputation system will result in a permanent ban.
  15. Usage of referral links is allowed, but the original poster MUST state that the link he is posting is a referral link and must also have a link to the original site.
  16. Begging is not allowed. Give something and for sure you will receive something.
  17. Offensive or misleading names (e.g. Admin_01) will result in a permanent ban.
  18. Privacy of other people should be respected, posting of personal information that isn't yours is not allowed.
  19. Sales and purchases are only allowed in the market area.
  20. Use the bump button to bump your thread (can be used once an hour).
  21. Sharing cracked versions of anything that is being sold on the market area is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  22. The support area and the ticket system should only be used if a user needs any kind of direct support. Abuse of the ticket system will result in a warning.
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