Q & A

Which Social Exchange Sites does the Social Media Bot support?

The bot support the following Social Exchange Sites:
• AddMeFast (AMF)
• Like4Like (L4L)
• YouLikeHits (YLH)
• KingdomLikes (KDL)
• YTMonster (YTM)
• TraffUp (TU)
• LikeUp.fr (LU)
• LikesTool (LT)
• LinkCollider (LC)
• FollowLike (FL)
• Hit4Hit (H4H)
• FollowFast (FF)

What kind of tasks does the Social Media Bot support?

The bot supports most available tasks on Social Exchange Sites:
• YouTube likes, subscribes, comments and views
• Facebook follows, comments, shares, post likes, page likes and photo likes
• Instagram follows and likes
• Twitter likes, follows, tweets and retweets
• SoundCloud plays, likes and follows
• Twitch Follows
• Vk follows and joins
• OkRu joins
• AskFm post likes
• Pinterest follows
• ReverbNation fans
• Website hits
• Account Change tasks
• Other tasks

What are the 'Other tasks' available in the Social Media Bot?

The bot has a range of useful 'Other tasks':
• Break task: the bot will break for the specified time, keeping your accounts safe
• YouTube Unsubscribes (2 versions)
• YouTube Unlikes
• Facebook Page Unfollows
• Facebook Unfollows
• Facebook Unshares
• Twitter Unfollows
• Twitter Unlikes (removes all likes from Tweets)
• Twitter Unshares (removes all shared Tweets)
• IGtools Emoji Comments (Emoji Comments for your Instagram posts)
• IGtools Custom Comments (Custom Comments for your Instagram posts)
• IGtools Instagram Video Views

Does the Social Media Bot support switching between different Social Media accounts and Social Exchange Accounts?

Yes, to change between accounts, add a 'Account Change' task. Accounts are changed in the order they are saved on the bot.

Which is the best Social Exchange Site to gain more exposure?

The best working Social Exchange Sites (in our opinion) were added in order on the bot. This means AddMeFast usually is the best, followed by like4like, YouLikeHits and KingdomLikes. YTMonster works very well if you are only interested in YouTube exposure.

Does the Social Media Bot solve reCAPTCHAS and other types of captchas?

Yes, the bot has special Chrome extensions to solve reCAPTCHAS. It also solves the Like4Like picture captcha, the YouLikeHits YouTube Views captcha and standard login captchas.

How does the Social Media Bot protect my accounts from being banned?

The bot uses Google Chrome to look as human-like as possible. It also has customizable delays, so you can set it to run as slow or as fast as you like!

How frequently is the Social Media Bot updated?

The bot normally receives updates bi-weekly. Emergency fixes are usually pushed within a day.

How many Social Media Bot clients can I run with each price plan?

• Free: 1
• Pro: 2
• Ultra: 10
If you would like to run more, you can just by multiple licenses.

Can I run multiple Social Media Bot clients on different PCs?

Yes you can, as long as you stay within your client limit (see previous question). Passing your client limit will get your license banned.

Why should I use the Social Media Bot?

You should use it for one of the following reasons:
• Get more YouTube likes, subscribers, comments and views
• Get more Facebook followers, shares, post likes, page likes and photo likes
• Get more Instagram followers, likes and views
• Get more Twitter likes, followers, tweets and retweets
• Get more SoundCloud plays, likes and followers
• Get more Twitch followers
• Get more Vk followers and group members
• Get more OkRu Joins
• Get more AskFm post likes
• Get more Pinterest followers
• Get more ReverbNation fans
• Get more visitors on your website
• Get more points on AddMeFast, Like4Like, YouLikeHits, KingdomLikes, YTMonster, TraffUp, LikeUp.fr, LikesTool, LinkCollider, FollowLike, Hit4Hit and FollowFast

What can the Social Media Bot do for you?

It can automate the following actions for you on AddMeFast, Like4Like, YouLikeHits, KingdomLikes, YTMonster, TraffUp, LikeUp.fr, LikesTool, LinkCollider, FollowLike, Hit4Hit and FollowFast:
• Watch videos on YouTube, subscribe to channels, like and comment videos
• Follow people on Facebook, comments on posts, share posts and pages, like pages, posts and photos
• Like pictures on Instagram and follow other users
• Follow Twitter users, tweet posts, retweet posts and like tweets
• Listen to SoundCloud tracks, follow artists and like tracks
• Follow streamers on Twitch
• Join Vk groups and follow people
• Join OkRu groups
• Like posts on AskFm
• Follow other people on Pinterest
• Become a fan of artists on ReverbNation
• Visit other websites

How does the Social Media Bot work compared to iMacros?

While iMacros are nice for simple tasks, they simply don't work stable enough to bot for a long time on Social Exchange Sites. The Social Media Bot has built-in failure detection, resetting tasks in case things go wrong (captchas, invalid pages, sudden logouts, etc..). This means while iMacros usually crash within an hour or 2, the Social Media Bot can run for days straight!

Which payment methods are available to purchase a bot?

We have setup an automated system for PayPal payments. You will automatically receive new credentials for the bot within 10 minutes of payment.
We also accept the following payment methods, however you will need to pm Bollejef/DenDannie on Discord if you want to use these:
• Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH,..)
• Runescape Gold (OSRS & RS3)
• Payoneer
• Skrill (Moneybookers)