How to Use Spintax Comments on the Comment Bot

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How to Use Spintax Comments on the Comment Bot

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If you would like to know what spintax is and how it works, some information can be found here:

To use Spintax on the Comment Bot:
1) Turn on the settings in the 'Settings' tab (default this setting is off)
2) Add your Spintax comment in the 'Comments' tab
3) Whenever the bot selects your Spintax comment, it will randomly generate a comment for your Spintax!

Some Spintax examples:
Input on the 'Comment' Tab:
{A|The|One} {quick|magnificent|charming|lucky|fast|super|cool} {gold|tan|yellow|white|brown|silver} {beaver|packrat|cat|lion|tiger|fox|dog|wolf} {consumed|ate|pilfered} my {pastry|strudel|cake}

This generates for example the following comments:
One cool tan tiger pilfered my strudel
The quick gold wolf pilfered my strudel
A fast yellow packrat ate my pastry
A super tan cat ate my pastry
.... and many more!
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