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How to Run Multiple Bot Clients On The Same PC (No longer applicable in SMB v5)
This guide is no longer applicable in the new Social Media Bot v5 of Dimension Bots. 
it is now possible to start the configured clients directly from the client management. 
(Click here.. to read the post about the release of the new SMB v5)

Simple guide on how to run multiple bot clients on the same pc:

1) Download the bot and extract it to a folder
2) Copy the complete folder, you now have 2 folders containing both the .exe file and the files folder in it
3) Run the bot from folder 1
4) Run the bot from folder 2

You can do this for as many clients as you bought licenses for (running more will get you license banned)

If you dont run it like this and try to run it by just running the same .exe twice, the bot will get stuck as the driver needs to be unique.
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