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Comment Bot Get Started Guide
This guide intends to give a quick overview of all screens and features of the bot.

Startup screen

[Image: qK8eGKD.png]
The bot will start on the loading screen, do some requirement checks and will automatically download updates.

Login screen

[Image: fwATXYp.png]
On the login screen, enter your credentials.
If you don't have any credentials, you can use the free ones (note that the features are limited):
User: free
Key: free

Overview Tab

[Image: iifsPeV.png]
The bot is controlled from the overview tab. Here you can see the status and the log of what the bot has been doing.
The start button starts the bot and continues the bot if it was paused.
The stop button stops the bot
The pause button pauses the bot until the start button is pressed again
The skip button skips the current running task

Accounts Tab

[Image: sAlVzuh.png]
In the accounts tab you should enter the accounts that will be making comments. First select the type of account, then enter the username and pass and click save.
If you would like to update an accounts password, just select the line in the table and it will load the credentials in the fields.

Tasks Tab

[Image: AeaPYsY.png]
This tab is where you will be creating your task list to run. First select a task and optionally set the amount of time, then click add (this example will post 1 Instagram comment, 1 YouTube comment and then break for at least 20 minutes).
You can save the task list to be loaded when the bot start by clicking the 'Default' button. You can also save or load a task list from a custom location.
The buttons beneath the task list can be used to move the selected tasks around (just hover them to see what they do)

Note: Breaks of 30 minutes or more are recommended between posting comments on the same service without switching accounts!

Settings Tab

[Image: JpAyiir.png]
This tab contains the settings that the bot will be using.
'Stop the bot after' : if turned on, the bot will stop after the set amount of minutes.
'Repeat task list': if turned on, will restart the task list each time the bot arrives to the last task in the list.
'Like video / picture' : if turned on, makes the bot put a like on the video or picture before or after commenting it. You need to set the percentage (1-100%) of videos / pictures that should receive a like (e.g. if set to 50%, when posting 4 comments, the bot will leave a like 2 times)
'Subscribe or follow': if turned on, makes the bot subscribe to the poster of the picture / video before or after commenting it. You need to set the percentage (1-100%) of times a subscribe or follow should be done (e.g. if set to 50%, when posting 4 comments, the bot will subscribe or follow 2 times)
'Stay on page for', if turned on, this setting is used to simulate that you are looking at the picture or video for a certain amount of time
'Randomize breaks by': adds a certain amount of randomization to each break.
'Delete cookies on exit': deletes all Chrome data when the client is closed (may take some time)
'Use proxy': if turned on, loads the bot browser using the set proxy (Proxy User/Pass are currently not active)

Click the save setting button in case you want the settings to be remember each time you run the bot.

Keywords Tab

[Image: 6v15Vi0.png]
Here you can configure the keywords that the bot will use to search on the platforms. First select a type and optionally the sort order. Then enter the keyword, set it to active and click save. In this example the keyword 'meme' will be used to search on any service (= YouTube + Instagram + Twitter) with the default sort order. The keyword 'Call of duty' will be used on YouTube only and found videos will be sorted by most recent first.

It is recommended to add at least 10 keywords for each type and make sure that your Instagram keywords have valid results (just replace it in this url and see if it has many results: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/KEYWORDHERE)

Comments Tab

[Image: CBDIb12.png]
In the comments tab you can configure the comments that the bot will be posting. First select a type of comment, enter the comment, select active and click save. In this example the comment 'Nice!' will be posted for any type of service (= YouTube + Instagram + Twitter).

Please make sure to add at least 50 different comments and no obvious self-advertising (= follow me!) to prevent your comments from being marked as spam.

Statistics Tab

[Image: 5S5X8xm.png]
After the bot has made some comments, the statistics tab will contains the comments that the bot has posted. Select a line to copy the link to your clipboard!

Other buttons:
My Account: Shows general information about your account. E.g. when was your last payment, when was your account created, etc..
Hide Client: Minimizes the client.
Close Client: Exits the client and also closes the Chrome browser when doing so.
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coment bot error??
(10-29-2023, 11:48 AM)indoline Wrote: coment bot error??

Gonna need to be more specific than that..
Donations accepted:
ETH: 0x6E7b0b8f984C432640cEE2CA65145f8C18F226df
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