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How to increase your Social Media exposure using the Comment Bot
This is a simple guide on how to get more real likes, subs, follows, comments, views, shares, etc.. completely automated!

All you need is an account for one of the following Social Media:
- YouTube
- Instagram
- Twitter

The principle is simple: by posting comments on other peoples content, other people will see your channel. They might like your content (or just like that you comment on their channel) and therefor interact with your channel, checking out your videos / pictures or even subscribe or follow your channel!
For the best results, you need to be a bit active on these accounts, posting a video or picture once in a while. The better your content, the more real people will be joining you!

First of all download the Comment Bot: Click here
The requirements are the following:
- Windows 7+
- Java 8 (You can not have Java 9 / 10 / .. installed!)
- .Net Framework 4.5+
- Google Chrome
- At least 500Mb of free RAM

When the download has completed, unzip the file to a folder and run the CommentBot.exe. A login window will appear, if you are a premium user, enter the credentials that you received on your PayPal email. If you are a free user, use the following credentials (note that free users can just post 5 comments / day):
User: free
Key: free

1) In the Accounts tab, enter your YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts that will be posting the comments.

2) In the Tasks tab, create your task list. For example, YouTube - Instagram - Twitter - Break (30min). Make sure to use breaks to decrease the chance that your comments are marked as spam!

3) In the Settings tab, you can customize the bot settings. The default settings should be ok for normal users.

4) In the Keywords tab, you can enter the search words the bot will use to find related videos or pictures. Here you should enter (preferably 20+) different keywords related to the niche of your channel.

5) In the Comments tab, you can enter the comments that the bot will post. They can be filtered by type (for example a comment can only be for Instagram). You should add more than 50 comments in this tab (per type!) to make sure your comments are not marked as spam after a while.

6) When everything is set up, start the bot by pressing the start button on the Overview tab. The bot can also be paused or stopped from there. Skipping a task can be for example useful if you would like to directly come out of a break.

7) After running the bot for a while, you can check the Statistics tab to see where to bot posted which comment. Tip: select a line in the table to copy its link to the clipboard
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