Update log

- Fixed AddMeFast Cloudflare bypass after website changes
- Fixed Reddit Joins & Upvotes after website changes
- Fixed Pinterest task + login detection + detection if comments are off
- Fixed Twitter Comment task & login
New Features:
- Added code for TikTok tasks on FollowLike (currently still disabled as their detection doesn't seem to work)
- Twitch tasks will now start with a bypass of a hidden CloudFlare captcha that was blocking follows
- Added TikTok Follows / Facebook Like task on LinkCollider (removed Clicks task as this was removed from the site)
- Added NopeCHA support on FollowLike login

- Fixed Vk Like tasks after website changes
- Fixed YT Unsub if already subbed on YT Sub tasks
- AddMeFast Twitch Follow task no longer requires an attached account
- YouTube sub tasks will now close the about dialog if it is displayed
- Added maintenance detection on LinkCollider
- Fixed Pinterest Repins board creation when coming from pin-builder page
- Fixed Facebook Post/Photo share tasks after website changes
- Fixed Facebook Comment task after website changes
- Fixed Facebook Post/Photo like tasks as mobile page is no longer supported
- FollowLike task fixes after website changes - fixed clicking confirm and point detection
- Fixed FollowLike login after website changes
- Fixed Hit4Hit task after website changes
- Fixed & updated all YTmonster.net tasks
- YouLikeHits Twitter Like/Retweet task now correctly attaches an account
- Fixed SoundCloud follow task on YouLikeHits
- Fixed YouLikeHits Twitter tasks after website changes
- Fixed some tasks missing the confirm click on KingdomLikes
- Fixed Pinterest Repins url on KingdomLikes
- Fixed Twitter login

- Disabled YouTube tasks on FollowFast as they are no longer supported
- Updated AddMeFast CloudFlare bypass and improved logging clarity
- Disabled FollowLike Facebook like task as it uses a stupid plugin
- Turned off some FollowLike tasks that are no longer available
- Disabled LikeUp.fr as the site is no longer accessible
- Fixed detection if you are logged out on YouLikeHits
- Fixed clicking acknowledge when failure rate is high on Like4Like
- Added a bypass for 'temp banned' page on AddMeFast
- Fixed Facebook login / cookie accept
- Fixed Vk Follow task on mobile pages
- Updated YouLikeHits YT View task now that YLH no longer auto closes page
- Added Cloudflare captcha detection on YTMonster.ru to skip task when needed
- YTMonster.ru tasks now correctly will click confirm when needed
- Fixed Instagram Like tasks if comments were present on the page
- Added temp banned detection on AddMeFast (a workaround is to manually delete all AMF cookies on chrome://settings/content/all)
- Like4Like Reverbnation task will now correctly click confirm
- Fixed TikTok Like tasks after website changes
- AddMeFast YouTube Like & Sub tasks will now correctly click confirm
- Updated AddMeFast login sequence
- Fixed YouTube Unsubscribe task
New features:
- Added Reddit tasks (Join/Upvote) on AddMeFast and YouLikeHits
- Added NopeCHA support on Like4Like login

- Increased wait time for CloudFlare bypass on AddMeFast from 7 to 10s (for slow proxies)
- Fixed YouTube Brand Account Change task after website changes
- Fixed YouTube Unsub task in case new page layout is loaded
- Fixed Twitter login after website changes
- Added a check if YouLikeHits YouTube Views task should wait & reload the page
New features:
- Added support for NopeCHA: CAPTCHA Solver, add it manually to your clients (from the Chrome web store) for free captcha solving! Currently in beta testing for YTMonster.ru only

- Fixed YouTube Comment tasks after website changes
- Fixed YouTube Subscribes on video pages
- Fixed YouTube Unsubscribe task after website changes
- Fixd VK login & added base NopeCHA support for some logins (beta)
- Fixed Like / Sub sometimes not being done on YouTube Comment tasks
- Fixed Liking / Subbing for Instagram Comments
- Fixed YTMonster.ru login after website changes
- Fixed Like4Like login detection after website changes
- Fixed CloudFlare bypass on AddMeFast after website changes
- Removed workaround for the bug in Chrome v103 (see v5.3.7) after the driver was updated for Chrome v104
- Fixed a bug in Pinterest login detection after website changes
- Fixed a possible crash in Twitter Follows on AddMeFast
- Fixed a task crash on AddMeFast in case account was already logged in
- Fixed Instagram Likes & Follows after website changes

- Disabled AskFM on AddMeFast and enabled Twitter Retweets
- Emergency workaround to a crash on startup due to a bug in the driver (expected final fix in next version of Chrome)
- Fixed a crash in VK Follows and Joins
- Fixed VK Follows task on YTMonster.ru after website changes
- Fixed Pinterest repins board creation if no boards exist
- Fixed Pinterest Follows to unfollow if already followed
- Fixed Facebook Unfollow task for certain pages
- Fixed Instagram Follow task after website changes
New features:
- Added TikTok Follow task on YouLikeHits

- Added an extra bypass for AddMeFast CloudFlare protection
- Vk Joins task will now correctly leave the group if already joined
- Vk Follow tasks will now correctly unfollow if already following
- YLH Twitter Like/Retweet tasks no longer require attached account
- OkRu & AskFM tasks on Like4Like now click confirm correctly
- Fixed Facebook Comment task if page is not mobile
- Fixed Vk Likes after website changes
- TikTok Follow task will now skip private accounts

- Removed Like4Like tasks that have an unsolvable captcha even for humans
- Fixed a critical error in YT Comment task because the search was sometimes not filled in
- Fixed a bug where Twitter task would not find the comment field
- Fixed YouTube Comment Task
- Fixed all TikTok tasks after website changes
- Fixed Like4Like login after website changes (yes it looks even more ugly now ;))
- Attempt to fix AddMeFast CloudFlare bypass (once again..) - this might not work for everyone, pm me if it doesn't for a custom temp bypass

- AddMeFast has been removed as free feature, as they are using the free version to change their site security to prevent you from botting on their site
- Multiple Like4Like tasks will now correctly click confirm after interaction
- Fixed Facebook Unfollow task
- Fixed Vk Like tasks
- Adjusted AddMeFast tasks to bypass CloudFlare once more (we know you are watching ;-) )
- Added a detection if captcha is shown on TikTok to end the task
- Added a detection if hCaptcha is shown on YTmonster.ru to end the task
- Fixed SoundCloud Like tasks not detecting if account is logged in or not
- Fixed AddMeFast no longer bypassing CloudFlare after they did some website changes (nice try ;-))
- Fixed AddMeFast login, as it sometimes didn't fill the username
- AddMeFast Facebook Follow/Like tasks will now correctly click confirm
- Fixed Vk not noticing it needs to login
New features:
- Added TikTok Like task on YouLikeHits

- Attempt to solve 'manually attach account' problem on ytmonster.ru
- Instagram Follow task now correctly unfollows in case already following
- Fixed Vk Friends Add task after website changes
- Fixed a crash if window was too small to solve captcha on YTmonster.ru
- Fixed YouTube View task on Like4Like
- TikTok Follow/Like tasks will now close any banners that are in the way
- Fixed Like4Like login sometimes incorrectly disabling your account
- Fixed Vk Likes on YTmonster.ru after website changes
- Fixed AskFm login
- Updated the Bot to make use of .Net Framework v4.7.2, as the new server is no longer compatible with the update process of v4.5
- Fixed a crash in Pinterest Comments in case a promotion was clicked
- Fixed a crash in Twitter Comments in case it directs to a promotion
- Updated the Bot to make use of .Net Framework v4.7.2, as the new server is no longer compatible with the update process of v4.5
New features:
- Added TikTok Likes & Follows on AddMeFast, Like4Like and YTMonster.ru

- Fixed AddMeFast no longer bypassing CloudFlare after they did some website changes
- Fixed a task crash on first load of AddMeFast when bypassing CloudFlare
- Improved logging in case the exchange site can't open the link
- Fixed Facebook language change, login and cookies accepting
- Fixed Twitch Unfollow task after website changes
- Fixed Twitch Follow Tasks after website changes

- Slightly improved YTMonster.ru captcha solver accuracy
- Fixed YTMonster.ru not noticing captcha when it opens too slowly
- Fixed AddMeFast getting temp banned after they turned of CloudFlare
- Fixed YouTube Uncomment task as Google now uses a new page for that
- Fixed a bug in logic with audio solver causing too many button clicks
- Fixed Like4Like / SoundCloud sometimes not logging in correctly
- Fixed cookie accepting on SoundCloud
- Fixed YouTube Like tasks after Google did some website changes
- Fixed YouTube Subscribe tasks after Google did some website changes
- Fixed YouTube Dislike tasks after Google did some website changes
- Fixed a problem where bot wouldn't open the browser, this is due to a bug in Chrome v89+
- Fixed a crash in YouTube Comments + Liking/Subbing is working again after Google did some website changes
- Fixed Pinterest Comment task after website changes
- Fixed YouTube Unsubscribe task
- Fixed YouTube Subscribe tasks not unsubbing if already subbed (+Added code for upcoming YouTube Subscribes update)
- Fixed LikeUp.fr tasks from not correctly accepting cookies
- Fixed Facebook Unfollow task in certain edge cases
- Fixed Pinterest Repins after they did some site changes
- Fixed Pinterest Repins + Twitter tasks on LinkCollider

- Added a bypass for CloudFlare on LinkCollider
- Fixed reCaptcha solver from crashing if captcha is solved directly by clicking on the box (+ added code to support hCaptcha solving once DeathByCaptchas API Client adds support for this)
- Fixed AddMeFast saying it is under maintenance after they updated their website
- Fixed YTMonster.ru number captcha solving (still has high failure rate)
- Fixed a crash in Vk Joins on the mobile site version
- Fixed Twitch Unfollow task as each unfollow now needs to be confirmed
- Fixed Twitch Follow tasks not confirming the unfollow if already following
- OkRu Join tasks will now correctly leave the group if already in it
- Fixed a crash on Vk Follows of AddMeFast
- Fixed AddMeFast after they updated their CloudFlare protection
- Fixed AddMeFast after they updated their security
- Fixed YT Views task on likeup.fr from throwing a lot of errors
- Fixed Facebook Like tasks in certain edge cases
- Added a check if blocked on Facebook follows
- Improved reliability of solving hcaptcha using extension and of using DeathByCaptcha
- Fixed a crash if the bot failed to solve a captcha
- Fixed a crash when ytmonster.ru got a recaptcha challenge
- Like4Like DeathByCaptcha login will now work correctly
- Fixed YTMonster.ru tasks where you now need to click confirm (all Instagram tasks)
- Fixed all AddMeFast tasks that now require clicking confirm
- Fixed a problem on likeup.fr not accepting cookies
- Fixed AddMeFast Cloudflare bypassing

πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ… Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…
New features:
- Added Recaptcha solving on YTMonster.ru (doesn't occur much) & solving of the number captcha for YouTube Views (failure rate of +-50%, but they don't seem to ban)
- Added YouTube Views task on FollowLike

- Fixed YouTube language changing if page is not in English
- Facebook tasks on Like4Like will now click the confirm button
- Fixed a bug in FollowLike login captcha
- Facebook Like tasks will now close the chat window if it is in the way
- Fixed YouLikeHits Login if no captcha is shown
New features:
- YTMonster.ru is now available for testing to all members. As this is still in Beta, please use with care. All YouTube tasks except for views should be run with 'Delay before closing window' between 20-25 seconds for decent results.

- The bot will now stop the task when it failed to solve a captcha
- ReCaptcha solver now reloads the captcha max 2 times
- Fixed AskFm account change task
- Fixed Like4Like tasks that now require confirmation (All Twitter and Instagram)
New features:
- Added base code for YTMonster.ru, currently available for testers only. Will be public in the next few weeks.

- Fixed YouTube Unlikes (Other tasks)
- Fixed a crash when data couldn't be loaded from the backup server
New features:
- The bot now supports Emojis that are max 4 unicode characters (e.g. ❀ - unicode U+2764 is supported, but 🧑 - unicode U+1F9E1 is not)
- Fixed a bug that extensions were not copied on creation of client folders
- SoundCloud Likes will now click 'Ok got it' if the dialog pops over
New features:
- Added a restore mechanism for corrupted account / task files

- Updated Recaptcha solver extension to v7, this should increase its stability
- Fixed Like4Like trying to change the attached account if no more tasks are available
- Removed YT Unsubscribes v2 and fixed the normal YT Unsubscribes Task
- Fixed Vk login detection
- Fixed Pinterest Repins board creation (up to 2 boards)
- Fixed OkRu login detection for mobile sites

- Removed an incorrect logging on Like4Like YouTube Views
- Fixed Facebook Page & Profile Unfollows
- Twitter Unfollow / Unlike task will now correctly sign in
- Fixed 2 errors in the Pinterest Unfollow task

- The bot will now try to use a pass from the extension to pass hCaptchas. This is currently only used for YouLikeHits login and YouLikeHits YouTube View task
- Modified how things are saved to file to prevent data corruption
New features:
- Added Pinterest Follow task on LinkCollider
- Added YouTube Dislike task on FollowFast
- Added Pinterest Repin task on FollowFast

- Switched Vk tasks on LikesTool as they seem to have them correctly now
- Fixed Vk login detection
- Vk task optimizations + closing of 'dark mode' dialog

- Removed Mixer Follows on YouLikeHits as Mixer doesn't exists anymore
- Coded TikTok (will just be enabled when I find a bypass for their browser detection)
- Renamed Account tab to My Account to be more clear
New features:
- Added YouTube Live Stream commenting if the found video is a Live Stream
- Added the Pinterest Comment task (+ Account Change)

- Fixed a bug incorrectly displaying if your subscription is active
- Fixed some dialog popups ending in ... instead of showing all text
- Fixed Pinterest attaching the wrong account on certain sites
- Fixed LinkCollider login
- Disabled language check on mobile version of OkRu
- Fixed Twitter language change after they updated their site
- Twitter Follows will now rewrite the url if the confirm page isnt loaded
- Improved Vk tasks when mobile page is loaded

- Switched Vk tasks on LikesTool, as they have them mixed up
- Added a wait for redirect on LikeUp.fr
- Enabled OkRu Joins on Like4Like as it seems to work again
- Increased wait delay after changing Facebook page language
- Fixed SoundCloud login / Account Change after they changed their logout method
- Fixed audio captcha solver sometimes getting stuck if no error is shown
- Fixed a bug that crashed certain 'Other' tasks (introduced by the previous update)

- Disabled TraffUp as they added some antibot measures
- Fixed a major issue causing tasks not to like / sub /.. in case the browser was reset (due to a task crash or automatically after 4 hours to save memory)
- Fixed Pinterest Repin board creation if the user has less than 2 boards
- Fixed YouLikeHits waiting longer than needed if tasks have the same page title
- Fixed Facebook Language change after they changed their page
- Like4Like Facebook Video views will now try to click start video + improved logging
- The 32-bit Java warning will no longer appear behind the loading window

- Improved logging on Like4Like YouTube Views task
- Disabled LikeUp.fr Facebook Photo Likes (disappeared on their site)
New features:
- Added LinkCollider Clicks task
- Multiple tasks wil unlimited time can now be added (these kind of tasks will only be skipped by other option, e.g. the max fails setting)

- FollowFast YouTube Views will no longer warn if you don't have a YouTube account added
- Fixed Auto Close timeout message not displaying due to a missing counter
- Added a bunch of wait for redirects
- Fixed Facebook Follows if a page is shown instead of a profile (happens frequently on Like4Like)
- Mixer now correctly waits for the loader to disappear (so no longer thinks the account is not logged in)
- Fixed all 'Other' Facebook tasks after website changes
- Added ban detection on AddMeFast
- Fixed a critical error on AddMeFast if points could not be read
- Added a warning dialog on login if the user has 32-bit Java on a 64 bit PC
- Fixed a bug in Like4Like login that would disable your account if a captcha is shown
- The 'Increase Available Memory' switch is now default off as intended
New features:
- Added Mixer login as it is now working
- Added the option to increase the amount of memory the bot can use (Java 8 64 bit only!). This should be activated when running multiple clients and the bot gets stuck on tasks. You should always install Java 8 64 bit if you pc supports it!
- Added a check if Instagram is showing a challenge (when account is locked or similar)

- Fixed a bug in YouLikeHits account attachment
- Fixed a bug in Mixer account attachment
- KingdomLikes SoundCloud Plays will no longer warn if you have no SoundCloud account added
- Fixed a bug where account attachment crashes the task if login was performed manually
- Fixed some dialog popups ending in ... instead of showing all text

- Added an invalid page detection on Facebook Comments
- The screen is now sized to minimum 800px for Like4Like picture captchas
- Memory usage improvements
- Removed unused logins from the Accounts tab
New features:
- Updated the UI to be similar to the Comment Bot
- Added a 'Start with Windows' option
- Added 'Account attaching' for almost all services
- Added some tasks on FollowLike
- Pinterest Repins will create a board if you don't have one
- Added the option to disable accounts in the 'Accounts' tab
- Added indicators on which browser belongs to which client when stopping the bot
- Added the option to disable accounts in the 'Accounts' tab (if an account is banned on a task, the bot will disable it)
- Most Warnings / Errors / Info popups can now be turned off
- The tasks in the task list are now drag and droppable
- Values of spinners can now be increased / decreased with the up / down arrows
- Added the option to delete cookies when a client is closed

- LikesTool YouTube Views tasks will no longer notify if you don't have a YouTube account added
- Updated all Twitter tasks after website changes
- Updated a bunch of Facebook tasks after website changes
- Update the Pinterest Repin url on AMF (after they changed it)
- The app now properly responds to closing windows from the taskbar

- Improved almost all tasks in the 'Other' category
- Improved error logging
- Code optimisations to improve memory consumption (as all clients are now on the same JVM this should decrease the memory usage by about 200Mb per client)
- Improved logging of sleep time (if turned on)
- Optimized possible memory issues and added prevention of some possible crashes
- Improved Captcha solver extension - Will no retry the audio captcha until it is solved
- YouTube Comments now waits a bit longer for the comment box to show up, this should lead to less 'comment field not found' errors
- Fixed a timing bug in the SliderComponent

- Updated the popup notifications to match the theme of the bot
- Added extra instructions on how to update Chrome
- Fixed Twitch Follows to scroll to the follow button
- LinkCollider YouTube Subs now correctly uses https

- Reenabled Like4Like Facebook Follows as no plugin is now required
- Added a wait for redirect for LinkCollider
- Fixed a bug where YouTube(brand) account change tasks would not work correctly
- Fixed a bug in YouTube(brand) account changes tasks that would incorrectly notify that the user doesn't have multiple accounts saved

- Added a browser reset every 4 hours to reduce memory consumption
- Fixed another critical error in AddMeFast Web Traffic task

- Updated Extensions to v5 as Cloudflare now uses another type of captcha
- Added a safety check to all 'Other' tasks if they can't reach the task start page
New features:
- Added the Change YouTube(Brand) Account task

- Fixed duplicate error being thrown when Chrome is outdated
- Fixed a bug in Twitter not sorting as most recent

- Updated links to new forum
- Fixed a critical error in AMF tasks (specially web traffic)
- Fixed Like4Like Facebook Views after they made changes on their site
- Fixed a critical error in Vk Follows caused by a new follow button that appeared on some pages
- YLH SoundCloud listens will no longer warn if you dont have a SoundCloud account added
- Fixed a nullpointer in tasks when the status is not initialized yet
- Fixed Like4Like Bonus / Picture captcha after they changed the page
- Like4Like YouTube Views now correctly uses the new layout
- Updated all FollowFast tasks to use https as that is now required

- Stopping Like4Like YouTube Views task will now no longer wait for the video to finish
- Updated YouTube Unsubscribes v2 to sort by relevance, this should make that always 50 accounts are unsubbed at once
- The bonus collection requirement for AddMeFast is now 100 tasks
- Updated all LikesTool tasks after they disabled the legacy version
- Added a task shutdown failsafe in case startpage cant be reached 3 times for all tasks

- Increased the wait after Twitch login with another 2 seconds
- Fixed AddMeFast after they changed from http to https protocol
New features:
- Added Support for Twitter Comment tasks

- Added a help button next to the Spintax option in settings
- Improved logging when Instagram Profile is followed
- Added a check if YouTube video is unavailable
New features:
- Added Instagram Comment task on Like4Like and disabled Facebook Follows (as they require their shit plugin)

- Fixed Like4Like tasks that are now just showing 1 task each time (Yes, Like4Like is losing so many members that they have almost no tasks available :lol: )
- Increased the wait time after Twitch login from 2 to 5 seconds
- Blocked Instagram accounts will now correctly be added to the errorlog.txt
New features:
- Added AskFm Likes task on LikesTool
- Added VK Follow / Join tasks on LikesTool
- Added Like4Like Facebook Share Task
- Added Twitter Retweet task on KingdomLikes
- Added Pinterest Repin task on LinkCollider

- Fixed Twitter login after they changed their website
- Fixed Vk group leaving in case already in the group
- Fixed a bug where a Facebook video would not be liked correctly
- Fixed FollowFast as they now require https
New features:
- Added support for Spintax Comments! Check this post for more info
Note that v4.0.2 was released 2 days later as an emergency fix for an issue related to YouTube account change tasks

New features:
- Added YouTube Brand account change task. The task will switch between brand accounts on the same YouTube account from top to bottom
- Added Twitch Follow task on AddMeFast

- Fixed Instagram likes after they made website changes
- Fixed a crash on FollowFast when points could not be read
- Added OkRu restricted account detection
- Fixed a crash on YouLikeHits SoundCloud listen task if not more tasks are available
- Fixed a crash on LikeUp.fr if last task is done
- Fixed FollowFast task getting stuck if loader doesnt disappear

- Added detection of 'Account not attached' on AddMeFast
- Fixed YouTube Subscribing / Liking after they made website changes
- Fixed Instagram Liking after they made website changes
Note that this release requires a complete redownload of the bot. If you would like to keep your settings, redownload the bot and overwrite the SocialMediaBot.exe and amf.dll (files folder) in your old folder with the one from the download. This update will not be forced until 20 January 2020.

New features:
- Added Mixer Follow task on YouLikeHits (requires manual login). Note that the bot will wait 10 seconds after the follow as otherwise YLH will not detect it.
- Updated login and language change to be on the main window instead of in the popup. This should solve problems of tasks crashing because login/language change took to long and the popup got closed.
- Added SoundCloud Unfollow and Unlike tasks

- Added a wait for Like4Like redirect
- The bot will now correctly accept cookies on OkRu
- The bot will now reload the page after YouTube Unsubscribes v2 (so multiple unsubscribe tasks can be chained together)
- Renamed Google Account Change task to YouTube Account Change
- Fixed (& readded) Facebook Unfollows
- Fixed (& readded) Twitter Unfollow task
- Fixed (& readded) Twitter Unlikes
- Fixed Free accounts not being able to start tasks after 15 minutes even tho they might have time left
- Added an invalid page detection on Facebook Post Likes
- Added 'in maintenance' check on LikeUp.fr
- Added an additional check if YT Comments are disabled
- Removed IGTools Comment tasks + Updated Video Views task

- Updated taskbar icon
- The bot now uses a new .exe file with the following improvements:
β€’ The bot doesnt need to restart anymore after an update
β€’ Improved error detecting (Java not installed, Chrome not installed, ..)
β€’ Improved loading speed
β€’ Fixed a bug that may cause a crash dialog to popup
β€’ The rest of the UI will receive an upgrade in the following weeks (similar to the Comment Bot)
New features:
- Added Most Recent sorting for Instagram (this will skip posting comments on the first 9 posts = most popular ones)

- Fixed a typo when running without correct accounts added
- Fixed a bug when putting a comma in keywords or comments would mess up the UI
- Fixed a crash of YT Comments in rare cases
- Fixed a UI crash when stopping the bot at a specific moment
New features:
- Added Twitch Follow task on KingdomLikes
- Added Pinterest Repin task for AMF/L4L/YLH/KDL/TU/LikesTool (Note that your account should have at least 1 public board!)
- Added Like4Like Facebook Video Views task

- Fixed Twitter Retweet / Like on TraffUp
- Fixed Twitter Follows on KingdomLikes and Like4Like
- Fixed a bug where the tasktimer keeps running after the bot already stopped
- Recoded YouTube Uncomment task after browser changes
- Fixed YTMonster Subscribes in case being directed to video instead of a profile
- Fixed KDL Facebook Follows not unfollowing certain cases

- Updated Extensions to v4 (Thanks to DenDannie)
- Updated description and logging of YouTube Unsubscribe task (v2)

Changes to user agent to manage to bypass Google login being blocked, this caused the following changes:
- RECAPTCHA Solver will work less reliable, having a success rate of ~50% instead of 70%
- Disabled task: YT Uncomment / Twitter Unfollow/Unlike/Untweet until a proper fix is in place

- Driver update to v79
- Fixed Like4Like Account Change not saving the logged in account
- Fixed Facebook Likes for certain countries using the plugin
- Disabled YLH Instagram Follow task as it's in maintenance for a very long time
- Fixed Vk 404 page detection so it doesnt try to change the language
- Attempt to fix Facebook Page Unlike task for web.facebook.com (people using mobile network on pc)
New features:
- Added Captcha Solver for Like4Like recaptcha on login (bypass + solve with extension)

- Improved Twitch Unfollow task reliability
- Fixed IGTools video views task
- Fixed Facebook Page Unfollow task
- Disabled normal Facebook Unfollow task as it was having strange issues
- Increase wait after Instagram login
- Updated bothome url for upcoming release of the Comment Bot
- Fixed Pinterest login detection + login handling
- Fixed YTMonster tasks as they changed the loader
New features:
- The reCAPTCHA & RateLimit Bypass extension have been updated to a new version!

- Added an extra check so the account limit of 200 is not bypassed
- Fixed Vk failed to login detection
- Fixed a bug where a task kept running after failing the AddMeFast captcha, causing the loading of multiple sites at once
- Fixed YouLikeHits Twitter Follows as they switched to normal layout
- Increased max accounts that can be saved on the bot from 50 to 200
- Updated IGTools Emoji Comment task, as the new limit is 15
- Updated IGTools Custom Comment/Views task to close announcement dialog
- Updated detection of 'Network out of item' on YouLikeHits YouTube Views
- AskFm task will now remove /photo from the url if needed
- Fixed all YTMonster tasks after they made changes to their website
- Fixed YouLikeHits YouTube Views getting stuck in an open-close loop
- Fixed a fatal error in AddMeFast Web Traffic Task
- YouLikeHits YouTube Views will not warn anymore if no YouTube account was saved on the bot (as it is not required to be logged in)
- Improved OkRu ban detection
- Fixed Facebook Likes when stupid plugin is forced (mainly Kingdom Likes)
- Added a wait for redirect on FollowFast Facebook Likes
- Fixed OkRu login detection & improved code
- LikeUp.fr now correctly views YouTube videos for 45 seconds instead of 15
- Added detection of terminated YouTube pages on YouTube Subs tasks
- Added Twitch Unfollows (limit is 2000 in case anyone was wondering) & reorganised code
- Privacy Policy updates now get accepted on Pinterest Follows
- Fixed a bug opening the browser if user is already running the app

- Removed MachineLiker as the website no longer exists
- Fixed Facebook Page Like task not unliking already liked pages
- Added a check on IGTools tasks if task is in maintenance
- Removed unused message display + changed some links to https

- The bot and website now have a new homepage
New features:
- Added 3 IGTools.net tasks: Instagram Emoji Comments, Instagram Custom Comments and Instagram Video Views
- Enabled ReverbNation login (will currently not solve captcha if asked)

- Fixed a bug that prevented the app to shutdown (while being on the auth dialog) if the driver can't load
- Added a wait for redirect on YLH
- Fixed Like4Like YouTube Views
- Fixed YouLikeHits login (added captcha solver on login)
- Fixed Pinterest Follows not closing a stupid popup causing problems

- Added detection of account being blocked on Instagram
- Added more comments for YouTube Comments tasks (decreases being marked as spam chance)
- Added extra messaging on driver updates
- Added error messages in case the driver update fails
- Improved error messaging if Chrome can't be started
- Removed showing of 'Save Pass' dialog after last Chrome update
This update was released to improve error messaging related to the Chrome update to v76 and the obligated driver update that came with it. Further fixes & improvements for the new Chrome version will be released shortly.
- Fixed YouLikeHits Twitter Follows as they now use the mobile page
- Fixed Facebook 'Watch' posts not being liked + added an invalid page detection
- KingdomLikes now waits 5s for points before refreshing the page if a task was done (so credits are properly awarded)
- Fixed Pinterest Follows not unfollowing in case page was already followed (+ improved button detection)
- Whitespaces are now automatically ignored in the auth dialog
- Added a missing 'Network out of items' check on YouLikeHits
New features:
- Added Dailymotion views & SoundCloud Plays on LikesTool
- Added LikesTool Account Change Task
- Added Twitch Account Change Task

- Updated KingdomLikes Bonus collect task to 100 tasks instead of 50 (as they changed that)
- Fixed closing of isn’t streaming popup on Twitch (attempt #3)
- Fixed AskFm cookie accept window handling

- Improved error logging
New features:
- Added Instagram Follow task on YouLikeHits

- LikeUp.fr will now correctly switch to English if loaded in French
- Updated SoundCloud login to bypass captcha on RepostExchange
- The bot will now also do premium tasks (green box) on YouLikeHits

- Increased max wait time for redirect after solving captcha with 5s
- Added extra debug info to identify causes of crashes on startup
- Added Twitter banned account detection
New features:
- Added YouTube Dislike task on KingdomLikes

- Fixed FollowFast task crashing when CloudFlare appears on login
- The bot now correctly doesnt click on Anti-Bot windows on LikeUp.fr
- Fixed Twitch Follows + closing of 'isnt streaming now' dialog
- Fixed a crash on FollowFast if CloudFlare was active

- Disabled (temp) Freer Instagram Likes
- Increased default Delay before closing window with 800ms
- Disabled daily ad click as our revenue was < 0.02$/day, making it rather annoying while not being useful
- Disabled (temp) YouTube tasks on TraffUp as they added a captcha
- Fixed YLH YT Subs being skipped when 5/minute sub limit is reached
- Fixed wrong bonus collection handler being used on LikeUp

- Added extra debug lines on critical error
- Fixed reCaptcha solving extension
- Fixed SoundCloud login hanging (after website changes)
New features:
- Added base support for FollowLike (beta) - Run carefully as they seem to ban on long runs!

- Corrected values of points / task on YTMonster
- Updated Discord link to be changed dynamically

- Increased min/max values of Delay before closing with 10s - Be careful setting this value high, as AMF will close the window automatically after ~20 secs, possibly not giving you points
- Increased minimum YT Like wait before close window time with 1 sec
New features:
- Added collection of refunded credits on Like4Like
- Added Freer Instagram Likes

- Fixed Instagram login after website changes
- Fixed AMF Rate limit extension not working on login page
- Fixed DbC being used if you get 'Automated queries' error on rate limit captcha
- Added possible fix to close popup on Twitch (need feedback)

- Removed Google+ tasks as it stopped existing
- Removed Freer Instagram Views (was temp? removed on their site)
- Removed IGFlash as website was shut down
New features:
- Added Instagram Likes + Twitch Follows task on YouLikeHits
- Enabled Twitch login as they removed captcha

- Fixed Twitch follows on all services
- Added a bypass to keep bots online in case server gets blocked by ddos
New features:
- Added MachineLiker (Facebook Likes) to other tasks
- Reenabled YouTube Subs on YouLikeHits, their services works as crap tho, so expect fails
- Added base support for FollowFast (Beta - use carefully)

- Updated Facebook Follows window enlarging
- Fixed Facebook Likes not working in rare cases + updated restricted detection
- Bot now clicks accept cookies on LikeUp.fr
- Improved YLH YTView task to reduce the amount of failures
- Fixed YouTube Unlike task
- YLH YTViews will now reload the page instead of pressing skip (as their skip button doesnt do anything)
- Fixed Instagram Login after website changes
- Extensions will now be correctly loaded on first login as Pro/Ultra
- Updated Freer to be able to handle domain changes
- Updated links inside the bot for discord/YouTube/Twitter

- Vk Follows will now use 'Add as friend' in case follow is not available
New features:
- Added reCaptcha bypasser, thanks to DenDannie & Jukera for the suggestion/help (currently working for AddMeFast / SoundCloud / Freer.in, others will be added later)
- Added SoundCloud Account Change task
- Added Twitter Untweet task (also removes retweets)
- Added Freer Instagram Views task

- Fix LikesTool login loading the credentials of likeup.fr instead of ones of LikesTool
- Fixed notation of break task in task list
- Fixed bot trying to change page language if popup hangs on AMF redirect
- Fixed YouLikeHits login after website changes

- Other tasks are now Ultra only
- Added detection of forced password change on YTMonster
- Added detection of IGFlash Insta Follows being under maintenance
- Added a limit of 3 tries to reach start page on LikesTool, this should fix the issue of LikesTool getting stuck in a reload loop of the new page
- Added KingdomLikes & LikeUp.fr banned account detection
- Added detection when account is not attached on LikeUp.fr

- Fixed all LikesTool tasks to use the legacy page
New features:
- Added Rate Limit Bypass Extension (details here), big thanks to DenDannie for all the work he has done

- Fixed a bug that bonus collection tasks were readded when tasks run in a loop
- Added a workaround for redirects in popups getting stuck (As the driver devs are too lazy to fix it, they did not manage to fix it 2 months after I reported this)
- Fixed a bug that caused Like4Like to reload twice on login
- Added a check on L4L login if already logged in
- YLH YTViews will now press skip on failure
- Fixed all Twitch follow tasks
- Updated L4L captcha solver to a success rate of 90% +
- Fixed popup closing on Like4Like
- Fixed a crash in YouLikeHits YouTube Views task

- Updated account selection box to use treeview. This should make it easier to find the account you want to add
New features:
- Added DeathByCaptcha support for captchas on Cloudflare protected pages (other pages like logins will be added shortly). To use this service, create an account on DeathByCaptcha, add credits to your account and enter the account on the bot in the 'Account Settings' tab.

- YT Likes will now wait 4 secs + the set time before closing the window
- Fixed YTMonster after website changes
- When your account is expired, the auth file will now be removed (this prevents that you will have to do this manually)

- Added a check that prevents free users to run multiple clients
- (Finally) Updated icon on the auth dialog
New features:
- Added Instagram Follows Support on IGFlash

- Fixed TraffUp getting stuck on captcha
- Added missing Facebook login detection
- Fixed Facebook trying to change page language when not needed on certain tasks
- Updated Like4Like captcha solver - Will now reload if low certainty rate
- Adjusted YLH YTViews max wait timeout
- Fixed a crash in linkcollider
New features:
- Added LinkCollider support (early beta, only supporting Twitter Follows/Tweets and YouTube Subscribes for now)

- Updated IGFlash after website changes
- Improved messaging on login failure for all services - Fixed all YLH tasks after website changes

- Added VK suspended profile detection
- Updated Overview UI text when bot is running
- Security changes
New features:
- Added KDL SoundCloud Plays

- Improved messaging when server is not available
- Fixed YTComments getting stuck in infinite loop + added new comments
- Improved overall Like4Like speed
- Added some invalid page detections on Twitter Retweet
- YouTube like task now has a 5s sleep before closing the window, this should improve the detection rate
- Fixed YouTube Subscribers on all services after page changes
New features:
- Updated authentication system to automate Paypal payments. New subscriptions will now receive their credentials by mail. (Note that personal accounts with 'free' access level have been removed in the system -> use the free credentails instead)

- Closing the auth dialog now also closes the browser
- Fixed version (Free | Pro | Ultra) not loading correctly in title on first boot
- Added a 5 second delay before refreshing Like4Like page when all button are done
- Added AMF under maintenance detection

- Added a check to make sure the bot will be on the latest version after an update ( = the bot will shut down itself some time after an update comes out)
New features:
- Added Pro / Ultra users, for features of each user, see this page
- Manual Login button now reopens the browser if it was closed
- It is now possible to run multiple clients. To do this, copy the complete folder into another folder. DO NOT just run the same .exe twice, as this will crash the driver.

- Added other version of facebook mobile detection (mobile.facebook.com)
- Window will resize to 1200x900 if current dimensions are smaller (fixes some tasks not working properly)
- Updated KDL webtraffic
- Security updates
- Added cloudflare detection on AMF to prevent a crash
- Added a temp-fix for task windows not loading correctly

- Break task will now navigate to the home page
- Free users are now limited to a 30 minute run time / day
New features:
- Added YouTube Unlike task in other category
- The browser will now open on the info page when the bot starts
- Added advanced task failure protection

- Fixed a typo in LikesTool bonus collection
- Fixed Like4Like SoundCloud listens after website changes
- Fixed all YTMonster tasks after website changes
- Fixed KDL FB Follows trying to change language when not needed
- Fixed a bug making LikesTool bonus collection not work
- Improved Like4Like YT Views: If video is shorter than the time to watch, it will now replay the video + improved detection of when the video timer ends
- Fixed crash in LikesTool when you have points after the dot (example: 7800.2)
- Made column 'Logged' slightly larger
- Account Change task now changes the accounts in the order that they were saved (instead of randomly picking one)
- UI now correctly updates the 'Logged' field for which account is logged in on 'Account Change'
- Fixed Like4Like bonus page not being solved when reloading page
- Fixed Facebook sometimes trying to change page language when it is already in English
- Disabled mandatory check for anti bot button on Like4Like
- Added detection of 'You already viewed this video.' on YouLikeHits YTViews
New features:
- Added Twitter Unlike task (Donators only)
- Added support for LikesTool.com on the bot

- Added detection of banned google+ accounts
- Fixed YTViews getting stuck on YLH + improved captcha solving
- Fixed Like4Like tasks crashing the bot when buttons stay invisible
- Added network out of item detection for AddMeFast web traffic task
- Fixed Like4Like and TraffUp Twitter Follows
- Top/Bottom now moves the task without switching it
New features:
- Added Facebook Unshare task in Other category
- Added YouTube Views task on YLH

- Some minor code changes
New features:
- Added sound support for completing tasks, errors and when the bot stops (sound is default disabled, enable it by clicking the sound button ;-) )
- Added Saving/Loading of task lists (saving as default task list still makes it load on startup)
- Added moving task to top/bottom in tasklist
- Added keybinds to the task list, hover the buttons to see which key is bound to what action

- Added a check on Twitter login to detect if already logged in
- Added Twitter dislike/unretweet on TraffUp in case these were already done
- Increased IGFlash delay before entering the link
- Added a failsafe to prevent reload loops when like button is not found
- Tasks are now copied from the previous task if runInLoop is set (this should fix any problems with IGFlash/KPLiker/FBAutoReaction when using the loop)
- Fixed IGFlash not being able to login
- Added detection of wrong password being used on KPLiker/FBAutoReacions
- Next task is now reselected after deleting a task in the task list
- Added detection of reaching like limit on likeup.fr

- Changed icon to the new one
- Increased minimum wait time before watching first sponsored vid by 30s
- Added some surprise code
New features:
- Added a second version of YT Unsubs, doing 100 accounts in 10 secs (thanks TuleybTR on Discord for the script)
- Added debug-mode to make it easier to find/solve problems (run the .exe with "debug" parameter)

- Fixed a typo in L4L saying reloads 0/3
- Fixed SoundCloud follows not working on L4L new page layout
- Increased the delay before solving bonus page on L4L YT views
- Added failure detection for the connect Fb button on TraffUp
- The update available window should no longer disappear to the background
New features:
- Added all missing account change tasks

- Added a bypass for Traffup not reconnecting Facebook automatically
- Added detection when Twitter account requires manual unlock
- Increased the max timeout for likeup YTViews by 5 seconds
- Fixed a bug that password was loaded as ****** when selecting an account
- Added detection if an old password is saved on the bot for Facebook
- Fixed Facebook Like/Post Likes
- Fixed YTComments after layout changes + made scrolling faster
- Fixed Traffup getting stuck in reload loop when section in maintenance

- Removed the 'All' option in the Other & Account Change category
- Fixed a bug where the time field would appear for tasks that don't use it
- Google login now first clears cookies to assure login will work correctly
- Fixed a delay occuring if Instagram follow page is not found
- Fixed all likeup.fr tasks after website changes
- Fixed the check if user has multiple accounts for the Google Account Change task
- Adjusted KDL YTViews timer to the slower timer on their website (1 second =/= 1 second according to them :D)
- Fixed a reload loop when twitter retweet is out of items on traffup

- Added detection when account has reached follow limit on Twitter (5000 follows)
- Changed around some links in the help tab to support tutorial video (coming soon)
New features:
- A loading bar is now displayed on startup & the black error-logging window has been removed

- Improved the license view
- Daily ads are now handled in the BotTask rather than on pressing start, this should solve the hanging of the UI while an ad was being clicked
New features:
- Added LikeUp.fr (on payed request)

- Fixed facebook follows/likes having chat in the way
- Added detection of private accounts on insta follows
- Fixed facebook mobile page dislikes
- Facebook shares now detects blocked content
- L4L soundcloud listens now stops properly when stop is pressed
- Updated Instagram likes to work after webpage updates
- Added support for a backup server to check if the bot is outdated (to prevent the bot being unusable in case the main server goes offline)

- Some code cleanup
New features:
- Added SoundCloud Listens on Like4Like
- Added IGFlash.co support
- Added FBAutoReactions.com support

- Increased delay after Insta unfollow to make sure it is registered
- Fixed YT language detection not working properly due to a typo
- Fixed YT Comments sometimes not clicking comment button when offscreen
- Fixed L4L saying bonus collection failed while it didnt
- Made time field invisible on tasks that do not use this field + improved the task description of those tasks
- Error tracking is now reset after the message 'errors occured' was shown

- Disabled ReverbNation login as captcha is always required
New features:
- Audio is now auto-muted in the bot's browser
- Added support for language change for all services except Twitch (max 2 attempts / task to change to English)
- kpliker.net has been added to the other section (donators only)

- Askfm now correctly accepts cookies if language is not english
- Fixed YLH getting stuck if account no longer exists
- Instagram follows now properly unfollows if the page was already followed
- Increased wait time after refreshing L4L to make sure buttons are loaded
- Fixed TU not stopping properly when network out of items
- Changed YTMonster max timeout to 20 secs
- Fixed AMF Facebook Likes after changes on FB
- Traffup now detects when section is out of items
- Fixed a crash in Traffup if window is auto-closed
- Fixed Traffup Facebook likes using a wrong handler
- Improved Pinterest login detection

- Disabled notifications on all webpages (so dialog does not get in way)
- Update manual login description
- Updated driver update dialog to custom alert
- The bot may now visit the website every once in a while
- Disabled StumbleUpon as the service stopped existing
- Updated Fb Likes to support new layout (again)
- Added a check if traffup task is under maintenance
- Fixed Pinterest login triggering when it is not needed
- Fixed a crash when loading a tasklist containing a break task + Added code to make sure outdated tasklists are updated with new values
- Added detection of twitter account requiring password change
New features:
- Added Google Circles & Shares on Like4Like
- Added SoundCloud listens to YLH

- Fixed a crash in YT Unsubscribe task
- Fixed Facebook unfollow on L4L sometimes not working
- Added a check that FB Unfollow task properly loads the page
- Fixed Facebook likes, now working with new Fb layout

- Moved break task to 'Other Category instead' of being under every category
New features:
- Added YTViews for Like4Like
- Added Facebook Comment support on Like4Like

- Fixed a crash if errors occured at last run + fixed message not showing
- Added a missing Fb login detection

- Added detection if YT is blocking subs
- Blocked tasks will now be logged to the error file
- Added detection of locked Facebook accounts
- All images are now loaded locally instead of remote
New features:
- Added base support for logging errors to a file (OkRu/Google done). Example: if one of your accounts got banned, at the end of the run it will display a dialog where you can find the log with all banned accounts

- Like4Like tasks should now stop correctly if login fails
- Fixed a crash on L4L if a window could not be closed properly
- Pausing now properly pauses the timer of the task & displays a message that the task got paused
- Fixed YLH task shutting down task when a page got removed from Google
- A task is now paused when an ad is displayed or a sponsored video is shown

- Icons on Alerts are now loaded locally instead of remote
New features:
- Added Traffup.net support
- Added a Help tab with links to helpful forum topics
- Added the ability to skip & pause the current running task (thanks for the suggestion)

- Fixed Pinterest follows on AMF if + - buttons are in the way
- Change email field on auth dialog to 'User'
- Added a check if soundcloud detects you are running a bot
- Fixed an error being logged when stopAfterPoints is set
- Updated driver to use options instead of (depreciated) capabilities
- Added checks if Facebook account is blocked from liking/following
- Pinterest now uses .com instead of .pt for login

- Improved Status on the overview pane
- Added Twitter/Instagram and removed Website from footer links
New features:
- A new 'Completed Tasks' tab will give you an overview of how many points you gained per service and detailed task stats per service (select the service to see the details)
- Added logged in account on overview tab + a logout button (usefull if you decide to upgrade to a donator account ;-) )
- Added AccountChange tasks for Google,Twitter,Instagram & Pinterest
- Added an update check for the .exe file, if the .exe is out-dated a manual update is required

- The app will now shut down properly if the user does not want to update
- Added extra checks to make sure the task stops if login fails
- Fixed crash when loading empty/non existing account file (this is what caused v2.3.1 to be stuck on black screen)
- Fixed pinterest follows clicking the wrong follow button

- Minor changes to the UI after changing completed tasks to a seperate tab
- Say hello to our new icon ;-)
- Slightly increased the rate at which ads are clicked
New features:
- Automated bonus collecting on AMF/YLH/KDL
- Added web traffic task for AMF
- Account service/user/pass now change to the selected line in Account Settings
- (DONATORS ONLY) Added support for using multiple accounts (note that this in a very early stage, please provide feedback if accounts get blocked, etc..)
- (DONATORS ONLY) Added 4 'Other' tasks: removing YT Subs, removing FB Page Likes, removing FB Follows & removing Twitter Follows

- Fixed AMF login after they changed their website
- Added a check that task is ended when YLH limit is reached (e.g. 15 Twitter likes/h)
- Added missing checks if task has login saved for website hits
New features:
- Added Hit4Hit Web traffic support
- Added YTMonster comments support

- Google login should not crash anymore since the last driver update
- Fixed Instagram Likes after layout changes
- Fixed bug crashing the bot when a L4L window is not closed correctly
- Fixed stop button not working properly when delays are used
- Fixed pinterest follows for new possible button
- Fixed accepting cookies on AskFm
- Added a check if OKRu account is blocked
- Fixed Facebook Login detection for all services
- Added detection of closed groups in VK Joins
- Added checks that the login field is cleared before attempting to login
- Fixed instagram follow login

- Reduced the time between watching sponsored videos with 2 hours
- The bot now has a backup login server in case the main one is offline
- Removed an annoying message from the log
- Added base support for login under different roles (will be used in a future update)
New features:
- Added moving up and down of tasks
- Autostart is now supported
- Custom delays before closing the window (after clicking like/sub/follow/..) is now supported

- Re-enabled YT/Google login, some people might still experience some issues -> please use manual login
- Added detection of twitter follows with protected tweets
New features:
- The bot will now play a 'sponsored video' every 4-12 hours (always the first time running the bot and afterwards after 4-12 hours). You can get your own videos to be added to this list -- click here
- Split up Bot settings and task settings in seperate tasks, to support options that will be released in the near future
- Added support for saving settings

- Fixed Twitter login shutting down if asking for phone verification
- Disabled buttons in Task Settings when bot is running
- Improved some error messages

- Disabled YT/Google login as it caused the bot to crash, if you want to bot on these networks, login manually at first run ;-)
- Added extra options in settings for future release
- Changed the location where Chrome Profile is saved to be under files folder (might solve Windows 2008 VPS problems)
New features:
- Added KingdomLikes YouTube Views

- Disabled extensive ad clicking checks as people were reporting that the bot was not starting properly
New features:
- Added Twitch Follow Support for Like4Like, however a manual login on Twitch is required at first run only!
- After many requests, extensions are now enabled. If adding adblock, add www.dimensionbots.com to exceptions or the bot will not work.

- Like4Like will now try to solve the captcha correctly (Success rate in our tests 100%)
- Fixed Like4Like Facebook Follows to work with the new mobile layout
- Added detection of suspended Twitter accounts
- Reloading on Like4Like will not stop correctly at 3 when no anti-bot button is found
- Slowed down Instagram/Facebook slightly

- Added a message when a manual update is required
- Browser will now load with scaling of 100% (this might look weird on some people's screen, but the bot should function as normal)
New features:
- Added support for cancelling task when points go under a threshold (as requested by some users)

- Driver issues have been fixed, a manual update is required tho. In the future this update will be automated. You can ignore the dialog saying Chrome is running automated tests.
- Added detection of text verification on Google login
- Added checks to prevent double loading of the login pages
- Fixed login not working on Instagram follows
- Twitter login now cancels task when Twitter requests phone number
- Fixed Ask Fm not working if cookies were not accepted (always happened on first run, unless accepted manually)
- Temp fixed L4L Facebook Follows (a better update to follow later)
New features:
- Added YTMonster YT Like & Sub support

- Increased wait time after YT Likes with 500ms before closing window
- Fixed KDL Twitter Follows
- Fixed bug where L4L Instagram likes kept reloading (+ added a check to prevent things like this to happen in the future)
- Fixed L4L failing to login after webpage changes
- The bot will now reload the page up to 3 times when no antibot button is found on Like4Like
- Fixed Like4Like Twitter Follows after L4L changed to the mobile window
- Fixed anti-bot button detection on L4L
- Fix for bot not finding a skip button causing a crash
- Fix for YouTube unsubbing not clicking confirm
- Fixed bot not clicking skip when button out of window on YLH
- Fixed YouTube Likes on all services (which was broken after YouTube made some internal page changes)

New features:
- Added YouTube Comments for L4L & YLH (with a limit of 4/min)
- Added support to run a tasklist in a loop
- Fixed a crash in YLH when network out of items

New features:
- Added ability to set the fails in a row after which a task should cancel
- Fixed twitter unfollowing for L4L and KDL
- Greatly improved KDL stability by changing button selection algorithm
- Implemented fb post shares & follows on KDL
- Updated warnings & messages to stay active on top of the UI
- Fixed YLH being stuck in reload loop when network out of items
- Fixed error message on YLH not disappearing making bot think task failed and cancelling the task
- Fixed crash if L4L button is out of screen
- Improved YouTube login detection

New features:
- Added a confirmation dialog before deleting all accounts
- Added confirm dialog when starting tasks that dont have an account attached in 'Account Settings'
New features:
- Complete new user interface --> let us know what you think of it ;-)
- Added message when running tasks without account data added

- Fixed Fb post likes when like button was out of the screen
- Scrolling in the log is now easier
- Fixed YLH twitter task getting stuck