>>> Manual login on YouTube requires using this link to perform the login, SoundCloud requires using this link <<<
>>> If your client gets stuck, make sure that you have Java 8 64 bit and not 32 bit! <<<
Important instructions:
  • ► The bot will use this browser to run tasks - Do not close any windows that the browser opens & do not use this browser for browsing the internet.
  • ► In case you run into any errors / problems, please post in this section of the forums or create a support ticket
  • ► Solving any reCAPTCHA manually on the bot's browser will take multiple tries (usually 4-5) before it is accepted.
  • ► NopeCHA Support has been added for Pro / Ultra users - Add it manually to your client browser here
  • ► Add at least 50 different comments in the comment settings & do not add any urls or obvious self-promotion (e.g. Subscribe to me!) in your comments as these comments may end up being marked as spam.
  • ► Use decent breaks (30 minutes+ recommended) or switch between accounts to prevent comments from being marked as spam.

Bot Pricing

$4 /mo

Comment Bot

  • Unlimited Comments
  • Spintax Support
  • Chrome Extensions Enabled
  • 'Account Change' tasks
  • Clear Chrome Data task
  • Ad-Free!

$3.50 /mo

Social Media Bot

  • Up to 2 active session
  • Unlimited session time
  • Chrome Extensions Enabled
  • 'Account Change' tasks
  • reCAPTCHA Bypass Extensions
  • Contains less ads

$5 /mo

Social Media Bot

  • Up to 10 active sessions
  • Unlimited session time
  • 'Other' tasks
  • Proxy Support
  • Ad-Free!
  • Priority Support