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Social Media Bot

Increase your Social Media visibility by gaining millions of credits on Social Exchange Sites!

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YouTube Comment Bot

Gain real subscribers by leaving comments on other peoples videos on YouTube!

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About Us

What is Dimension Bots?

Dimension Bots is set up in 2017 by developer Bollejef who is active as an all-round programmer. The first bot being available was 'Social Media Bot', a bot to gain points on the Social Exchange network AddMeFast. Over the years more services have been added to the bot (Like4Like, KingdomLikes, YouLikeHits, YTMonster, ..) and it now supports more than 10 Exchange Sites! Gaining exposure on Social Media was never so easy! In Q4 of 2019 we are planning to add a YouTube Comment Bot, that can post customized comments to further increase your channels exposure.

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The Team

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