Quick Setup Guide

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Quick Setup Guide

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EDIT: This guide is for version 1.0.1+! Check out the guide for v2+ here
EDIT2: You can now check our YouTube guide

To make sure all services will work correctly, each service (Fb,Twitter, etc..) MUST be set to use English!!

* On first log in, enter your email and your key.

* Then you should get to the following window:

1) Account setup button:
Use this to setup the usernames and passwords to use on the different services. Currently all services except OkRu are supported.
When a service is marked green, it means you have a username and password set.
Use the save button to save the account details for the selected service, or to overwrite the current setting for the selected service.

2) Chrome setup button:
Use this in case the bot tells you to manually log in (and to log in on OkRu), or in case log in fails due to some bug. Clicking this button will open a new window and the instructions on what to do.

3) Select the task you want to add
(The Add Delay checkbox adds a small delay (~10 sec/task), to avoid bans. This does slow down your amount of points/h too..)

4) Bottom bar:
- Set the time you want to run the task for (we recommend switching tasks at least every 5 minutes to avoid bans)
- Click add
- You can delete tasks individually or all at once
- Press start to start running

In case you want to add all tasks to run for a certain time, select the 'All' option and set the duration of the task > 0 minutes.

Enjoy! If you think anything is missing just reply :-)
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