Social Media Bot v3.4.3

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Social Media Bot v3.4.3

Post by Bollejef »

Social Media Bot v3.4.3 released on 02/06/2019

New features:
- Added YouTube Dislike task on KingdomLikes

- Fixed FollowFast task crashing when CloudFlare appears on login
- The bot now correctly doesnt click on Anti-Bot windows on
- Fixed Twitch Follows + closing of 'isnt streaming now' dialog
- Fixed a crash on FollowFast if CloudFlare was active

- Disabled (temp) Freer Instagram Likes
- Increased default Delay before closing window with 800ms
- Disabled daily ad click as our revenue was < 0.02$/day, making it rather annoying while not being useful
- Disabled (temp) YouTube tasks on TraffUp as they added a captcha

Reverbnation requires manual login at the first run only
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Social Media Bot v3 4 3

Post by SpyFum »

It is true that social media play important part in our daily life as it not only help people to connect and meet but it also help the businesses and personalities to promote their businesses and projects. Now Social media known as the fastest medium of communication as you can communicate your message to millions of people.

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