How to prevent bans

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How to prevent bans

Post by Bollejef »

A small guide with tips on how to prevent bans:
1) Do not bot the same service for a long time (20 mins +), preferably switch services every 5 minutes or less
2) If you get a captcha on log in, stop botting the service for a few days
3) Do not bot on twitter for more than 5 minutes each hour, unless you enable the delay function
4) If you have time and your computer is on anyways, use the random delay function. This will slow down the points/h, but it will also prevent bans

If you have tips yourself, you may post them below and I will add them to the list :-)
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Re: How to prevent bans

Post by moften »

Excelent, thanks for share

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Re: How to prevent bans

Post by FoxHound »

Thank you very much

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