Social Media Bot v4.0.0

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Social Media Bot v4.0.0

Post by Bollejef »

Social Media Bot v4.0.0 released on 14/01/2020

Note that this release requires a complete redownload of the bot. If you would like to keep your settings, redownload the bot and overwrite the SocialMediaBot.exe and amf.dll (files folder) in your old folder with the one from the download. This update will not be forced until 20 January 2020.

New features:
- Added Mixer Follow task on YouLikeHits (requires manual login). Note that the bot will wait 10 seconds after the follow as otherwise YLH will not detect it.
- Updated login and language change to be on the main window instead of in the popup. This should solve problems of tasks crashing because login/language change took to long and the popup got closed.
- Added SoundCloud Unfollow and Unlike tasks

- Added a wait for Like4Like redirect
- The bot will now correctly accept cookies on OkRu
- The bot will now reload the page after YouTube Unsubscribes v2 (so multiple unsubscribe tasks can be chained together)
- Renamed Google Account Change task to YouTube Account Change
- Fixed (& readded) Facebook Unfollows
- Fixed (& readded) Twitter Unfollow task
- Fixed (& readded) Twitter Unlikes
- Fixed Free accounts not being able to start tasks after 15 minutes even tho they might have time left
- Added an invalid page detection on Facebook Post Likes
- Added 'in maintenance' check on
- Added an additional check if YT Comments are disabled
- Removed IGTools Comment tasks + Updated Video Views task

- Updated taskbar icon
- The bot now uses a new .exe file with the following improvements:
• The bot doesnt need to restart anymore after an update
• Improved error detecting (Java not installed, Chrome not installed, ..)
• Improved loading speed
• Fixed a bug that may cause a crash dialog to popup
• The rest of the UI will receive an upgrade in the following weeks (similar to the Comment Bot)
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