How to Get Free Likes, Subs, Follows, Comments, Views, Shares, Etc..

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How to Get Free Likes, Subs, Follows, Comments, Views, Shares, Etc..

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This is a simple guide on how to get free likes, subs, follows, comments, views, shares, etc.. completely automated!

First of all you will need to create some new social media accounts that will be used on the bot. It is recommended to create an account for each of the following social media:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Google/YouTube
- Twitter
- Vk
- OkRu
- AskFm
- Pinterest
- ReverbNation
- SoundCloud
- Twitch

Next, sign up on the social exchange websites that are supported by the bot:

Now it is time to download the bot, all download information and system requirements can be found in this thread

When the download has completed, run the application and enter all the accounts that you created in previous steps on the 'Account Settings' tab.

You can now create your own task list to run on the bot or you can download a standard, well working task list here

And in depth guide on what each settings does can be found in this topic

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