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About Us

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'Dimension Bots' is a Premium Social Media Bot that automates your social marketing.
Our bot supports many Social Exchange Sites like:
1. •KingDomLikes 2. •AddMeFast 3. •Like4Like 4. •Hit4Hit 5. •YouLikeHits 6. •YTMonster 7. •TraffUp 8. •LikeUp
9. •LikesTool 10. •LinkCollider
and we are continuously working on adding new developments to our bot.

'Dimension Bots' is set up in 2017 by developer Bollejef who is active as an all-round programmer.

'Dimension Bots' is your personal Social Media assistant that automatically follows, likes, reposts, watches videos and comments on content on Social Exchange Sites for you!

Are you looking for more interaction on Social Media and do you want to archive more publicity?
Are you tired wasting your time to generate points/credits manually, while this can also be done differently?

Have you ever downloaded a bot program that did not work normally?
Or discovered that it was full of malware and dangerous viruses and did you lose confidence?
or you don't want to spend a large sum of money to buy points/credits?

Then you are at here at the right place, because every minute you're not using 'Dimension Bots'
is a minute away from making great content!

Are you ready to get the exposure you deserve? Discover now why 'Dimension Bots' is the best
Social Media Bot on the market!



● Our bot is reliable, clear, and fast, and is arranged in such a way that every novice and experienced
person should be able to handle it easily.

● We are using Google Chrome to simulate real human actions with our bot program and our algorithms are
set to human delays by default, Between each task you can change this value to minimize risk for your social accounts.

● You can save all tasks so you do not have to fill in new tasks every time, which saves a lot of time. Just start and hit play!

● You can easily determine how long the task lasts by changing the value between each task.

● Our bot also offers you the opportunity to remain anonymous, If you have a proxy you can fill them in on our bot,
in this way your own IP address cannot be blocked by the Anti-Bot System of social media websites.

● You can save all your log-in data from your social media channels so that our bot can log in automatically, and can do its job.

● Every day we check pages source codes to know about new anti-bot systems.

● We strive to satisfy our Users & Supporters and we try to keep our social media channels up-to-date with the latest information, Anytime, Everywhere!

● Every time new features and updates are added to our bot, you don’t need to check websites to download updates, just open, and the tool will auto update. Simple As That!

'Dimension Bots' is managed by Bollejef the Owner, and DenDannie & MedicalGuy are our moderators who are responsible for providing you the best customer support.

● Our Bot program, Website and Social Media are 100% customer oriented with awesome customer service
that is 7 days a week available by email and through our forum, And we can be reached on working days
through Social Media and Discord, Chat Live with our support team, ask questions or hang out with fellow bot users, Please Note that our support team is usually available between 9h and 17h (GMT+1)



If you have any idea’s, questions or you have any problems? Feel free to contact us!
We will be happy to help! Because there is a solution for every problem.
Our Discord Server: Click here
Our Email: support@dimensionbots.com



Do you want your own bot program? We can make one for you!
Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation, our prices are sharp and transparent.
Quotations: social@dimensionbots.com
:ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: Donations accepted: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
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ETH: 0x56c8A4f0Da9d9fDAc32Cc1E6245A1F898Ab04170
PayPal: Click here