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by rinnetensei
06 Feb 2019 21:03
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Upcoming Changes to Pro & Ultra
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Re: Upcoming Changes to Pro & Ultra

Hello. I would like to know if is available to use in Ultra account? It's available to login but I don't see it in the task setting. Thanks
by rinnetensei
28 Nov 2018 06:39
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New Service Suggestions Social Media Bot
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Re: New Service Suggestions

Hello Bollejef. Can you please consider adding to the bot? It's the only site I need for Reddit upvote automation and it doesn't have captcha lock . Thanks
by rinnetensei
21 May 2018 18:36
Forum: Donations
Topic: Donate with Paypal
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Re: Donate with Paypal

About the Account changing option. If I change my google account ,will my youtube account change accordingly?
by rinnetensei
19 Feb 2018 16:53
Forum: Report a bug/problem
Topic: Bot Doesn't work on Window RDP
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Bot Doesn't work on Window RDP

Hello. Firstly ,thank you so much for providing such a splendid bot for free. There is a problem I would like to point out after testing it. The bot doesn't run well on my window RDP, specifically the Ytmonster like function. It fails to gain credits after even after the video was liked. But when I ...