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Bypass AddMeFast ReCaptcha

Save/Export Statistics 
  • I love stats! This one should be easy.

Add Option To Sign Up For Twitter
  • My twitter accounts get banned too often. It would be great if we could create an account before the task. Twitter registration doesn't require email verification and doesn't use any Captcha!

Fix Sorting Bug On Stats
  • If the number starts with a 1, such as 10, it will put it with the 1's.

Allow Multi-Selection On Accounts List & Tasks List
  • Doing everything one-by-one is old school.
Well for AMF Captcha bypass is not working anymore and u need to solve Captcha on both links, and for Twitter account making you will need to verify your email and for that you can easily use temp mails and create unlimited accounts.

Tips to prevent early Ban :
  • After creating an account , Use it after a weak from the Creation time .
  • Add a phone number and verify it (after verifying it you can remove it ) I do this all the time and it has reduced the ban amount .
  • Have multiple accounts and switch between them regularly.
  • Set twitter tasks for 5-10 mins , not longer (per account) more If u switch accounts !

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