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How to create YouTube Brand Accounts / Channels under your gmail account.


In this post, I’m going to let you know what the benefits are from a brand account and walk you through how you can set up your own brand account/channel on YouTube.

If you ever run into the problem where your old/new gmail accounts are being banned or tired to create new ones or can't even create new ones to bot further, try Brand Accounts!

To keep it short, Brand Accounts are Accounts / Channels under your gmail account, we regularly get people who complain that their g-mails are getting banned by google, the simple reason why google bans emails is because people want to run unlimited YouTube task, Example: Liking, Subscribing, Commenting.

YouTube has a new algorithm that detects spam likes, subs, comments, which makes it a lot harder for us.

But this where the Brand Account / Channel comes into play, when you select your brand account at default on login it will automatically chose the brand account instead of your main. 
If the brand account / channel get terminated for subscribing, liking, commenting, your main account doesn't get affected.

By switching between brand accounts / channels you are more likely that YouTube registers the action that the account does. what's up with that? 

A small example, if you run unlimited YouTube like, sub, comment, Task, you will notice that after 5/10 actions, you no longer generate points, this is because YouTube then detects the spam like, subscribe, comment, and no longer registers it, by running short tasks of 2/5 minutes and switching between brand accounts makes it a lot harder for YouTube to detect that it is a like, sub, comment, generated by a bot and this will significantly increase the success rate on YouTube and therefore generate more points.

(Please note: That Brand Accounts are supported by our bot, to use this feature in the bot, open the bot and hit over to task settings, select the service, ''Account Change'' select task, "YouTube (brand)")

[font=Whitney,][font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN YOUTUBE BRAND ACCOUNTS/CHANNELS UNDER YOUR GMAIL[/font][/font]

● The first thing we going to do is visit the YouTube homepage, and login with an gmail account.

Second, after you logged in is going to Here..
[font=Whitney,] [/font]
● After we redirected we going to click on: + Create a new channel

● You will now be asked to enter a name for your YouTube brand Account / Channel, enter a custom name you want and press create. 

And thats it, you now have your own YouTube Brand Account / Channel under your google account.

(Please note: That Google doesn't allow to create unlimited brand accounts, google will ask you for mobile SMS verification after 4/5 times to avoid spam.)


first of all you need to be on the YouTube homepage, after that click on your profile image, an menu will expand, click on Switch Account, and select the desired YouTube Brand account that you want to use as default when logging in.

The next thing you have to do to select the brand account as default on login is going to Here..

● After we redirected You will notice the option: Make this channel (Example Channel Name) the default when I sign in to my example@gmail.com account, you can enable this option by click in the white square box.

And that's it, your desired YouTube Brand account is now selected as default when logging in to your gmail account.

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