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Comment Bot FAQ
Q: Where can I find the credentials to login on the bot?

A: If you purchased a subscription, your credentials are sent directly to your primary PayPal email address. If you want to use the free credentials, they are the following:
User: free
Key: free

Q: I'm trying to run the bot but when I double click on it nothing happens. Now what?

A: This is usually caused by an antivirus or firewall blocking the application. Whitelisting the application should solve the problem.

Q: Can I use the browser that the bot opens to browse the internet while the bot is running?

No, you can not use this browser for anything while the bot is running. If you want to use Chrome while the bot is running, start another Chrome. (By double clicking the Chrome icon on the Desktop)

Q: When trying to login on YouTube / Google I get the following message: 'This browser or app may not be secure.' How can I login?

Use the bots login, if Google asks for a recovery email or phone, just pause the bot and perform the login manually on the url that the bot opened.

Q: Can I use this bot on my MAC / Linux PC?

Yes, but not directly. You will need to run it in a virtual machine that has Windows on it, or install Windows as dual boot on your MAC.

Q: I purchased a subscription, where can I find my login credentials?

Your new credentials will be mailed automatically to your Primary Paypal email address, If you did not receive this email within 30 minutes of purchase, please contact @Bollejef (Please check your Spam Folder)

Q: I would like to cancel my subscription to the bot, how do I do that?

You can find an official guide from PayPal here: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/arti...al-faq2254

More will be added later for sure  Cool
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