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Social Media Bot Settings Guide
[Image: settings.png]
Bot Settings
1. Indicates if the bot should automatically stop after a certain runtime in minutes
2. Indicates if the bot should automatically stop after gaining a certain amount of points
3. Run the list of tasks in a loop, meaning when it reaches the end of the list, it will start again at the top.
4. Sets the amount of times the task may fail before it should be cancelled, if set to zero (0) the task will never be cancelled (not recommended)
5. Sets the minimum amount of points that a task should give, if the tasks gives lower points 3 times in a row it will be cancelled
6. Indicates if a proxy should be used and which IP/Port to use for the proxy. (DO NOT use public proxies as this will get your accounts banned)
7. Indicates if a delay between tasks should be used (For example between each like)
8. Sets the delay that should be used before closing the window in milliseconds, after clicking like/sub/.. (If AMF/L4L/.. tells you that you are closing the window too fast, try to increase these values)
9. Indicates if the bot should automatically start the default tasklist with the default settings when running the bot
10. Saves the current settings to be the default

[Image: overview.png]
Task Settings
1. Select on which service you want to bot (AMF/L4L/..)
2. Select which task you want to bot (Facebook Likes, YouTube Subs, ..)
  - (Other) Break task: Pauses the bot for the set amount of minutes
  - All: Adds all possible tasks for the selected service for the given amount of minutes (the minutes can not be set to 0 for this)
3. Set the runtime for the task in minutes. Setting this to zero (0) will run the task for unlimited time.
4. Click this button to add the selected task to the list
5. Select a task in the task list and click this button to remove it (keybind: Delete)
6. Clears the complete task list
7. Saves your current task list so it will be automatically loaded next time you run the bot
8. Saves your current task list in a custom location, so it can be loaded later
9. Load a task list that you saved earlier
10. Select a task in the task list and click the up/down buttons to move it up/down in the list (Keybinds: Shift+Up/Shift+Down)
11. Select a task in the task list and click the top/bottom buttons to move it to the top/bottom of the list (Keybinds: PgUp/PgDn)
12. Lists all the tasks that are in your current task list

[Image: settings.png]
Account Settings
1. Select the service for which to save the username & password, fill in the username & pass and press save (will override existing if the username is the same)
2. When the account is saved successful it will be added to the list
3. Select an account in the list and click this button to delete it
4. Deletes all the accounts in the list
5. Currently not used, but will be added later to test if login works for your account
6. Click this button to manually login on the browser (in case login is bugged and the bot tells you to). Most websites will keep you logged in afterwards
7. Show the passwords in the accounts list or show them as ******

[Image: overview.png]
1. Press the play button to start the task list
2. Press the pause button to pause the bot when it is running
3. Press the stop button to stop the bot when it is running
4. Press the skip button to skip the task that is currently running and to go to the next task
5. Enable / Disable sounds for when a task completes, the bot stops or an error occurs (default sound is disabled)
6. Contains the status of the bot
7. Logs all important events of the bot
8. If you want to change the account you are using on the bot (in case you upgrade to premium), click the logout button
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