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Exchanging sites how to use my points efficient...
Welcome to the post!

I want to help new bot users how to use their points efficient. Or if you have any suggestions I could edit this guide, so this way we could learn from each other. Smile



Earning Points: Youtube views 
Spending Points: Twitch Followers, Pinterest Followers, Twitch Followers, Tiktok Followers  (10-15 points per follower)


One of the best websites ever. Best use spend it on followers


One of the best websites ever. Best use spend it on new posts. 
What to do if I get banned? You will need a new IP-adress. VPN does not work. 


Best use for Youtube Comments - Youtube Comment Like this website does a good job to give a boost to your YT-account. Simply getting a top-comment at a popular video or a customized comment at your video.


Facebook Followers - Youtube Likes -



Facebook Likes : Addmefast
Facebook Shares: Addmefast
Facebook Comments: Like4like bot comments - Customized ?
Facebook Followers: Followfast (set 2 points per follower)


Youtube Likes: Followfast (set 2 points per follow effective), Like4like, Youlikehits, AMF
Youtube Subscribers: Like4like (set 2 points per subscriber)
Youtube Views: Uview / Slow views (Youlikehits / Like4like)
Youtube Comments: ytmonster.ru (customized comment) on this way you can write your own text message, another person will post your text.


Instagram Likes: Addmefast (set 6 - 8 points per like) or Followfast (set 2 points per like, notice that 50% will like you)
Instagram Followers: For fast use Like4like set 3 points per follower / Slower use Addmefast (set 20-25 points per follower) 
Instagram Story Views : Kingdomlikes 6 points per story view
Instagram video views : ?
Instagram Comments : Bot Comments -
Instagram Customized comments ?
Twitch Followers / Likes or Retweets

Addmefast for fast use (Youlikehits slow use)

Twitch Followers:

Addmefast or Youlikehits

Pinterest Followers / Saves

Youlikehits / Like4like / Addmefast

Tiktok Followers

Addmefast for fast followers - Like4like for fast followers (2 points each follower) 

Tiktok Likes

Kingdomlikes (slow) / Addmefast (fast)

Adding more content to this guide soon. If you have any suggestions please post them below... I will edit this post soon.
I hope this would help bot users and how use their points efficient.
UPDATE 23/4/2021

YTmonster added 1000 views for 10 coins each - 10.000 coins for 1000 Tiktok views

Instagram Video views are payable and very low-priced on YTmonster.ru 
5 Rupies per 1000 views (0,055) 5 cent per 1000 views, but I have not find a good way in payment method.
Google Pay would be the only safe one.

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