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***Cryptocurrency Discussion [Building My Own Token Edition]
Does anyone on here fuck with crypto? 
Man, I've made a lot of money from Bitcoin, Ethereum and a ton of these alt-coins.
I've also lost some money too!
What are some coins that you like?

I'm actually working on my own token, dGenz. 
Basically, you will earn 75% of your gas fees and network fees back based on the amount of tokens that you hold.
For example: If you hold $1000 worth of tokens, then you will get $750 of your gas\network fees back.
If you don't use a lot of gas, then you'll only need to hold $100 worth of tokens and you'll receive $75 cash back.
It resets every 30 days, but you can claim whenever you want to.
How it works is that 5% of every transaction (buy, sell, swap) is put into the "reward pool".

There are a few other tokens like this now that gas prices are so high, but I just wasn't happy with any of them. 
They have many bugs, terrible communication, server outages every day, delays in getting back rewards, etc. so I decided that I'm gonna put $10,000 of my gains for last year to have this token built by a professional team instead of a cheap, shady dev like these other gas tokens.

We are a very small team right now. It's just me and two others that I have promoted to board members. The rest of our team is just community moderators and the hype team. 

If you are interested in joining our team, then just fill out this form or reply in this thread and I'll be in contact with you. Who knows, maybe you will become part of our leadership team as a top-level board member or a big-time social media promoter.


dGenz Progress Update: Feb 24, 2021

I'm still working on the website design for the tokens ICO. 
I'm also coding the Admin and User dashboards. 
The User dashboards will be for those who invested in ICO. 
Their dashboard will have information like the number of tokens they pre-ordered, the option to buy more, and the option to sell back and withdraw. 

As far as coin development, I'm still in the process of recruiting the best TEAM. 
I'm not going to hire just one developer. I'm hiring a team of developers. 
The reason is because of the advantages you have with a team vs. a single dev, such as: 
  • Someone is always available if an issue comes up. 
  • If something happens to the developer, such as he quits or he passes away, we would be in a tough spot. 
  • A team usually performs better than a single person, because 10 brains are better than 1.

I hope you guys have some patience and plan to be in it for the long-run, because this isn't going to happen overnight.
I'm taking every possible precaution to make sure that this coin cannot and will not fail.
This means that the planning\preparation stage will be longer than most because we want to be prepared for anything.
But as soon as we release the token, we will be many steps ahead of where we would be.
Basically all that we will have to do at that point is just continue to PROMOTE the hell out of it and watch our money multiply!

I've re-created the recruit form to allow for more detailed answers and to include a Referral Code so that we can see who put in the most work and reward them with either dGenz tokens or simply sending them some ETH or BTC for their hard work. 
Let me know if you want to recruit, so I can create you a referral code and send you a custom link so that we can track your referrals. 

I'll make it interesting and give $1 per referral! Just let me know if you want your own referral link to send out.

—Referral Tracking Stats: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AgRQovhg0vAtgQPcBtbz...E?e=sQQpKd

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