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cannot login gmail
hello plez help me fast I set up a bot Comment for a month, and when I turned on the Gmail account, it was not logged in, and I saw many methods and implemented them, but the problem was not solved and I saw this link https://dimensionbots.com/forum/showthread.php?tid= 167 and it was not solved either and i used a vpn and it did not solve it please help and thanks
As stated by DenDannie in the chatbox: Hi crimnalangel Welcome, about google chrome, this is a new work Around and it may be blocked in some countries by google, what you can do is Download Proton VPN and install, just select a other country then Yours, go to a normal chrome browser, in incognito mode, create a new gmail account, turn on Less Secure app access in that account. After that open the bot browser and try to login to gmail (Make sure your still connected to a other location with the vpn), hope this will help.
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