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New Interface Idea (Screenshots) - Hero - 04-29-2020

I can contribute here. Below is a program I wrote and designed for work.

  • I think Social Media Bot can use the same design and structure
  • It's not finished, that's why you see a lot of clear, unused space.
  • Interface is dynamic resizable and adjustable.
  • I created many color options and it can be switched from Light to Dark as well. 
  • I would love to have Play/Pause/Stop controls visible at all times, instead of only on one tab. 
  • These would fit nicely on the right side of the interface or on the footer.

[Image: 8eJnVri.png]

[Image: XtBuVCC.png]

[Image: eC2nXME.png]

[Image: 7bBwiK3.png]

[Image: puyBZLm.png]

[Image: enSFKCa.png]

[Image: lXEExDT.png]
[Image: k56sSr2.png]
[Image: QuKpR6w.png]

RE: New Interface Idea (Screenshots) - Bollejef - 05-02-2020

Thanks for the suggestion, however the new UI is already as good as finished. I like the idea of the buttons being available for all tabs tho and I'll check if it will be possible to do it like that ;-)

RE: New Interface Idea (Screenshots) - Hero - 05-30-2020

Awesome, thanks for listening.

Any ETA on when the new one will be available?

Also, if you could add my exchange site to it, that would be great. I am promoting your bots on the website in my FAQ.

If you get it working with my site, then I'll post it as a big alert on the front page and bring you some new subscribers! Let me know if you have any issues. I can give you the individual PHP pages if needed.